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ELLIOT, Dr. Benjamin
(Doc Elliot)
( KMD-9990 [Car Phone]
Gideon, CO
Ben is a general practitioner who relocated from New York.

ELLIOT, George, & wife, Susan
(Jennifer Slept Here)
32 Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
The Elliot's have two children, Joey and Marilyn. Their mansion is haunted by movie star Jennifer Farrell, the home’s former owner.

(True Blue)
c/o Sgt. Skiboss "Ski" Wojeski
Truck Station One
Bleeker Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
The ESU dog mascot is named Bird.

(High Society)
c/o Dorothy "Dot" Emerson, Owner
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Dorothy gained control of Emerson Publishing through her divorce settlement. She runs it with the help of Peter Thomas, her partner and Stephano, a gay Italian assistant. Dorothy’s company publishes travel and leisure books as well as a successful line of romance novels. Her top romance writer is Eleanor Walker, Dot’s friend from college days who has penned such steamy titles at High Sierra Streetwalker and Swedish Meat Boys. After work hours, Dorothy lived in a penthouse with her conservative 17-year-old son, Brendan; her criticizing mother, Alice; and Valerie "Val" Brumberg, a bland former college classmate from New Jersey who was now pregnant and recently separated from her husband.

EMERSON, Roc & wife, Eleanor
(Roc/Roc Live)
864 Essex Street
Baltimore, MD
Roc is a black garbage man with the Department of Sanitation [District 36]. Eleanor is a nurse at Harbor Hospital [Wing C]. They share their home with Andrew "Pop" Emerson, Roc’s widowed father, a retired train porter [He admired Malcolm X and disliked white people]; and Joey, his freeloading brother, an unemployed trumpet player [Who perpetrated scams to get by]. Roc and Eleanor had a baby boy whom they named Marcus Garvey. 11-year-old Sheila Hendricks, whose father Calvin went to prison, joined the Emerson household prior to the birth of their baby.

EMH Mark1
(Star Trek: Voyager)
c/o Starship Voyager
Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant
EMH Mark1 is the Holographic Starship Physician assigned to the starship Voyager. The starship Voyager was equipped with a holographic medical program that projected a fully functioning image of a human being to act as a backup medical personnel. The EMH Mark-1 holographic physician was modeled after his creator, Doctor Lewis Zimmerman (based at Jupiter Station). The Doctor's programmed personality was arrogant, superior, and often condescending. Those in need of medical services were greeted with such phrases as "Welcome to sickbay: Take a number" and "I don't have a life; I have a program." His trademark catchphrase was "Please state the nature of the medical emergency." When one of the bio-neural gel-packs that ran the circuitry on the starship Voyager was functioning improperly, the doctor simply stated "The patient is sick." Irritated at his succinctness, chief engineer B'Elanna Torres responded "Can you be more specific?" The Doctor continued, "To discuss the patient's condition in front of the patient would be a serious breach of professional etiquette...It's been suggested that I cultivate a certain sensitivity to my patients' needs..." If job duties became blurred, the doctor was the first to rally to his defense with such quips as "I'm a doctor, not a doorstop; I'm a doctor, Mister Neelex, not a decorator; or "I'm a doctor, not a bartender." At the conclusion of a medical consult, the balding Doctor often lamented the lax nature of the crew saying "Doesn't anyone know how to turn off the program when they leave?"

(Me & Maxx)
( 212-555-TIXX
c/o Norman Davis, Proprietor
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Norman sells tickets for cultural, sporting & theatrical events.



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