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c/o United Galaxy Sanitation
Ficus Panderato is the science officer assigned to the United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol's intergalactic garbage scow. Born on the planet Vegetan, Ficus was half human and half vegetable. His character is a parody of the half-human and half-Vulcan science officer, Mr. Spock on the sci-fi series Star Trek.

(Night Court)
Hauser Street on Third Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Dan is a lecherous prosecuting attorney. His real name is Reinhold Fielding Elmore. His backwoods parents, Bob and Mucette Elmore live in Paris, Louisiana. When they came to visit Dan, the first thing he said was," Thank God they left the livestock in the car."

FIELDS, William & Hester
(Fresh Fields/French Fields)
( 3294 [Cordless Phone]
London, England
William is an accountant. Hester is a homemaker and part-time caterer. She is always looking for something to do to soothe her mid-life crisis. Sonia is their mooching neighbor who shows up a dinner time. The Fields moved to France later in the series when William got a new job offer.

FIFE, Deputy Barney
(The Andy Griffith Show)
411 Elm Street
Mayberry, NC
Barney works for his cousin Sheriff Andy Taylor. To keep Barney and the local citizenry safe, Barney has orders to keep his handgun unloaded. He carries a bullet in his left breast shirt pocket in case of an emergency. The town folk jokingly refer to Barney as "Barney the Beast" and "Crazy Gun Barney." Barney loves chocolate cake and is partial to girlfriend [later wife] Thelma Lou (dial extension 596) who lives in town at house # 830. Barney has used three middle names: Oliver, P. and Milton.

(Space: Above & Beyond)
c/o USMC "The Wild Cards" Squadron
US Marine Corps squadron assigned to space in the year 2063 to battle invaders known as Chigs and Artificial Intelligence cyborg rebels called "AI's". The Squadron’s commanding officer is Lt Colonel Tyrus Cassius "TC" McQueen, an In Vitro [a.k.a. "Black Knight"]. His Wild Card squad members included Captain Shane Autumn Vansen, a Caucasian [Call Sign: Queen of Diamonds]; First Lt. Vanessa Camille Damphouse, an African-American [Call Sign: Ace of Hearts]; First Lt. Paul Jacob Wang, an Asian [Call Sign: Joker]; First Lt. Cooper Hawkes, an In Vitro; [Call Sign: Jack of Spades]; and First Lt. Nathan West, a Caucasian [Call Sign: King of Hearts].

(Nanny and the Professor)
c/o Professor Harold Everett
10327 Oak Street
Los Angeles, CA
Phoebe is the magical nanny who cares for the Professor's children Hal, Butch, and Prudence and their family sheepdog, Waldo. See also "Phoebe Figalilly"

(Head of the Class)
c/o Dr. Harold Samuels, Principal
16th & Irving Place
New York City, NY
Support staff include assistant principal Bernadette Meara and Charlie Moore [later Billy MacGregor] who teach the school's Individual Honors Program. Their IHP students are Arvid Engen, Maria Borges, Simone Foster, Jawaharlal Choudhury, Eric Mardian, Janice Lazarotto, Alan Pickard, Darlene Merriman, Dennis Blunden, Sarah Nevins, Lori Applebaum, T. J. Jones, Aristotle, McKenzie, Alex Torres, Viki Amory and Jasper Kqong. Note: The exterior shots of Fillmore High School are actually those of the real-life Washington Irving High School.

FINCH, Dennis Q.
(Just Shoot Me)
c/o Blush Magazine
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Dennis is an executive assistant. Born in Albany, New York, he attended Hudson River Junior College and now works for Jack Gallo, the publisher of Blush, a sleazy fashion magazine. Dennis loves to fantasize about beautiful models, watch porn films, collect action figures and ceramic kittens, and likes to cuddle after sex. He surreptitiously writes articles for the "Dear Miss Pretty" advice column. His mother is Fantasia Olympia Finch. Spartacus is Finch’s fluffy white award-winning pure bred cat.

FINCH, Thomas & wife, Sybil
(Fair Exchange)
London, UK
Thomas "Tommy" owns a sporting goods store. Sybil is a homemaker. They have a teenage daughter, Heather and a son, Neville. Heather is part of an exchange program with the Walkers, an American family living in New York. [Tommy met Eddie Walker in War II]. While Heather Finch lives with the Walkers in America, the Walker’s teenage daughter, Patty attends London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Tommy’s friend is Willie Shorthouse.

FINDLAY, Walter & wife, Maude
39 Crenshaw Street
Tuckahoe, NY.
Walter operates Findlay's Friendly Appliances shop. Maude is his outspoken, tough as nails wife who is fond of saying "God'll get you for that, Walter!" [Walter is Maude‘s fourth husband]. Living with them is Carol, Maude's divorced, 27-year-old daughter and her 9-year-old son, Phillip. Note: On later episodes the Findlay's address is 271 Elm Street.

FINE, Fran
(The Nanny)
c/o The Sheffield Residence
New York City, NY
Fran Fine, a bridal shop worker from Flushing, New York who got fired from her job, began selling perfume and then landed a job as a nanny to the children of a wealthy Manhattan gentile widower [whom she later married]. Her family included Fran's mother, Sylvia Fine; Fran's grandmother, Yetta Rosenberg-Fine; and Fran's pal, Val.

FINKELSTEIN, Larry & wife, Abby
(Dharma and Greg)
San Francisco, CA
Larry and Abby [née O’Neill] are hippies from the 1960s. They never married but have been together for years. When Abby moved in with Larry, his mother put a curse on her. Together, Larry and Abby raised their daughter Dharma in a bohemian lifestyle. Dharma now trains dogs, teaches yoga and is married to Greg Montgomery, a U.S. attorney [and a member of the "Establishment."].

FINN, Huck
(The New Adventures of Huck Finn)
Hannibal, MO (Mid 1800s)
Huck Finn is a mischievous youth who spent his time in pursuit of adventure. His best friend is Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher. One day while investigating a large cave, Huck, Tom and Becky were sucked into a time portal with their nemesis Injun Joe, who sought revenge for the children testifying against him in court. Lost in a swirling maze of time the children tried to avoid Injun Joe and find a way back home.

FINN, Riley
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Sunnydale, CA
Riley is a demon hunter. Born and raised on a small farm in Huxley, Iowa, he attended UC Sunnydale and worked as a psychology Teaching Assistant for Professor Walsh. He is also an undercover special agent #75329 for the Initiative, a government funded military operation based beneath the University [under The Lowell House] that captures demons and experiments on them under the leadership of Professor Walsh. After the demise of the Initiative project, and Professor Walsh [killed by a demon] Riley joined forces with "The Scooby Gang," a group of Sunnydale teens who also battled demons. Riley fell in love with group’s leader, a vampire slayer known as Buffy Ann Summers.

FINSTER, Charles "Chazz" Norbert
446 Braintree Lane
Charles is the father of two-year-old Charles Crandall "Chuckie" Finster, Jr. Chuckie is the best-est friend of baby Tommy Pickles. Chuckie’s grandparents are Marvin and Shirley Finster. Chazz’s first wife and Chuckie’s natural mother was named Melissa, who died shortly after Chuckie’s birth. Chazz later met and married a single Asian mother named Kira and adopted her daughter Kimmi. Note: The Finster’s house no. is seen as "7221" in episode "Down the Drain."

c/o Deacon & President Ernest Frye & Pastor Reverend Reuben Gregory
Philadelphia, PA
Rev. Frye's parking spot reads: "Don't Even Think About Parking Here." The exterior shoots used for the series are actually from the Mount Pisgah African Methodist Episcopal Church located at 41st and Spring Garden Streets in W. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

(The Lucy Show)
( 878-5652
c/o Theodore J. Mooney, President
Danfield, CT
Lucy Carmichael is his secretary.

FISH, Philip K. & wife, Bernice
(Barney Miller)
( 555-9532
46 Fulton Street
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Phil is a near-retirement police detective with bowel problems. Note: On the spin-off series Fish, Phil & Bernice move to a Group Home Project at 316 Chambers Street as guardians for troubled kids.

FISH, Richard
(Ally McBeal)
c/o Cash/Fish & Associates
Boston, MA
Richard is a lawyer. He is the money-hungry senior partner for the Boston law firm of Cash/Fish Associates. During his day-to-day conversation Richard drops cute little words of wisdom which he likes to call Fish-isms. such as "Make enough money, and everything else will follow. Quote me. That's a Fishism."; and "After women marry and have kids, they don't want any part of a man's penis. The bigger it is, the more of him she doesn't want, that's all. Fishism."

c/o Shadrack and Shadrack Funeral Home
Billy is a 19-year-old daydreamer. He works as an assistant mortician’s clerk at Shadrack and Shadrack Funeral Home. To get away from his menial world as a mortician clerk Billy often fantasized that he was a famous rock star, a superhero like the Incredible Hulk or a friend to famous celebrities. His family included George, his father; Alice his mother and Gran, his grandmother. Billy’s friends included his boss, Norval Shadrack and his funeral home coworker Arthur Milliken.

FITZGERALD, Walter & Amy
(Bridget Loves Bernie)
Penthouse Apartment
1041 Central Park West
New York City, NY
The Fitzgerald's are very rich. Walter owns Global Investments. Their Irish daughter Bridget marries, Bernie Steinberg, an aspiring Jewish actor and cab driver.

FLACK, Colonel Humphrey
(Colonel Humphrey Flack)
Somewhere around the globe
Colonel. Flack is a witty, portly British military officer who spent his retirement years traveling the globe and outwitting swindlers and conmen who preyed upon the poor (while keeping a percentage of the profits for expenses, don't you know). Uthas P. (Patsy) Garvey is the sidekick of this elderly modern-day Robin Hood.


FLAGG, Captain Jim
(The Rough Riders)
American Frontier (late 1860s)
Jim is an ex-Union officer. At the end of the Civil War he formed an unlikely alliance with Sergeant Buck Sinclair and one Confederate officer, Lt. Kirby. Together they wandered westward in search of a new life.

c/o Queen Vic Pub in Albert Square
Walford E20, London (East End)
Mary lives and works at the Queen Vic Pub. She used to live with her aunt Pauline Fowler, but needed some privacy and so she moved into the Vic where she tends bar.

(Spin City)
c/o City Hall
New York City, NY
Michael "Mike" is the Deputy Mayor of New York City. He is single, filled with boyish charm and a graduate of Fordham University [3rd in his class]. Mike’s main job at city hall was damage control for Mayor Randall Winston, a bumbling bureaucrat who constantly put his foot in his mouth and thus forced Mike to put a "spin" on the situation. When a scandal linked the Mayor to mobsters, Mike arranged to have the paper trail lead to his desk and then resigned his position to protect his friends in city hall. Six months later, he found a job as an environmental lobbyist in Washington, DC.

FLANAGAN, Kit & Abby Stone
(A New Kind of Family)
1836 Loma Linda Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Recently widowed, Kit and her three children, Andy, Hillary and Tony share a home with divorced Abby Stone and her daughter, Jill.

FLANDERS, Ned and wife, Maude
(The Simpsons)
( 555-8904
Springfield, USA
Ned is a small business owner. He runs a store at the Springfield Mall called "The Leftorium." His wife, Maude is a homemaker. Ned and Maude have two young boys named Todd and Rod. The Flanders are the goody-two-shoes, squeaky-clean next-door neighbors of Homer Simpson. They are devout Christians and play bible word games for fun. Ned’s catchphrase is "Hi-diddely ho, neighbor" and "Okely Dokely." Now sixty years old, Ned’s youthful looks are the result of following the three "C’s" — clean living, chewing thoroughly and a daily dose of vitamin Church." When Maude died after falling from sports bleachers, Ned fullfilled her dream of opening a Christian theme park called Praiseland. A statue of Maude at the entrance read "Maude Flanders. She taught us the joy of shame and the shame of joy." Sadly, this bible park (without beer) closed after a gas line leak threatened its customers.

New York City NY (Brooklyn)
The Fungos consisted of five recently graduated middle-class Italian teenagers who lived in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn in New York City. Members included Presto Prestopopolos, a taxi driver; Socks Palermo, a clothing store employee; Turtle Romero, a restaurant worker; Joey Dee, a plumber's assistant; and Figgy Figueroa, a grocery deliveryman.

(Living Single)
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Flavor is a hip periodical aimed at the modern black woman. The magazine’s staff includes editor and founder, Khadijah James; and her cousin and office manager, Synclaire James.

(Northern Exposure)
Cicely, AL (Arrowhead County)
Joel is a transplanted New Yorker who is reluctantly working off his medical school scholarship in the small town of Cicely. Marilyn Whirlwind is his office manager.

FLEMING, Sharona
San Francisco, CA
Sharona is a private practice nurse. She is a divorced single parent with a young son named Benjy. Her ex-husband still lives in Jersey. Sharona grew up in New Jersey. Her father owned a hardware store. One day, however, he went to bed then refused to leave his bedroom, which Sharona described as blue and smelling like fish. Consequently, Sharona's mother had to sell the business. Sharona's main client is Adrian Monk, a former police officer suffering from Obsessive Compulsive disorder. She monitors Monk's progress and helps him cope with stressful situations. When Adrian's hands get dirty, Sharona quickly gives his a hand wipe to clean up the mess. In her spare time, Sharona takes a writing class at community college (she wrote a murder story called "Fatal Recipe" about a women who kills her husband by placing acid in his soup)..Sharona hides her spare keys above her door.

FLEMMING, Nicholas
2435 Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL
Nicholas Flemming is a writer by day and a vigilante by night. Donning a black jumpsuit and facial grease paint, Flemming’s alter ego Jon Sable avenges wrongs. Nicholas originally fled Africa after killing the murderer of his wife and children. With his new identity, he writes successful children's books and helps others in need. Flemming created the daily comic strip Jon Sable, Freelance and penned The Friends of B. B. Flemm, a best-selling series of children's books. Sable’s friends included Eden, his literary agent and girlfriend; Myke, his book illustrator; Cynthia, his secretary; and "Cheesecake" [his favorite food] Tyson, a blind computer hacker who helps Sable right wrongs by accessing databases [and the only one who knew about his dual identity]. Note: In the series finale, Nicholas Flemming’s alter ego Jon Sable died.

(Murder, She Wrote)
698 Candlewood Lane
Cabot Cove, ME. 03041
[population 3,560]
Jessica is a widowed English teacher and mystery novelist. Her friends in Cabot Cove included Sheriff Amos Tupper [replaced by Sheriff Mort Metzger]; Grady Fletcher, Jessica’s tax accountant nephew; Dr. Seth Hazlitt, Jessica‘s chess partner; Mayor Sam Roth; and reformed jewel thief Dennis Stanton [a San Francisco insurance investigator]. The odd thing about Jessica is that wherever she traveled , there was always a murder. She, in turn, used her mystery writing skills to deduce the killer. The central characters in Jessica’s novels are Damian Sinclair [a fictional thief similar to Leslie Charteris' character "The Saint"] and frequent lead fictional characters Inspector Dison and Inspector Gelico. Jessica later moved to New York City to be near her publisher (Covington House Press, Manhattan) and to teach criminology at Manhattan University. She lived at Apartment 4B at the Penfield House Apartments, 941 West 61st Street in New York City. Her NY phone number is ((212) 124-7199. Note: The house seen as Jessica's Cabot Cove residence is actually a Victorian bed-and-breakfast known at Blair House built in 1888 and located at 45110 Little Lake Street in Mendocino, California. The nearby Hill House Inn at 10701 Palette Drive was also used for filming exterior and interiors shots on the show.

FLINT, Det. Adam
(Naked City)
Apartment E
393 West 48th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Adam worked with patrolman/Sgt. Frank Arcaro and Lt. Michael "Mike" Parker. Adam childhood home address is 166th Street & McClelland Avenue.

FLINTSTONE, Fred & wife, Wilma
(The Flintstones)
( BC-1234
201 Cobblestone Way
Cobblestone County
Bedrock, 70777 (pop. 2500)
Fred is a quarry worker. Wilma [née Pebble or Slaghoople] is a homemaker. The Flintstones's best friends and next-door neighbors are Barney and Betty Rubble. Fred's trademark yell of excitement is "Yabba Dabba Doo!" Flintstone's have a small dinosaur pet [a Snorkasaurus] called Dino and a cat named "Baby Puss". Later in the series, both the Flintstones and the Rubbles became parents. Fred and Wilma had a bouncing baby redhaired girl named Pebbles [her first words were "Abba Gabba Goo"]. She was born at the Rockapedic Hospital on February 22, 10,000 B.C. at 8:00pm. She weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces. Barney and Betty adopted a powerful towheaded baby boy left on their doorsteps. They called him Bamm-Bamm. Years later, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm married each other. They had twins: Roxy, a towhead who inherited her father's super strength and Chip, a redheaded boy.

FLIPPER (the dolphin)
Coral Key Park, FL
Flipper is the domesticated dolphin pet of Sandy and Bud, the sons of Porter Ricks, the game warden at Coral Key Park, Florida.

(Bringing Up Buddy)
1492 Maple Street
Bradley Falls, CA
Buddy is a bachelor. He lives with his spinster aunts, Violet & Iris.

(The Andy Griffith Show)
c/o Floyd Lawson
132 Main Street
Mayberry, USA
Floyd runs a one-chair barbershop [but he dreams of a two-chair shop]. He charges $1.00 for a hair cut; 75 cents for a shampoo; 35 cents for a shave; 25 cents for a shoeshine; and $3.00 for a special scalp treatment. Floyd’s pleasant, easy-going demeanor and folksy charm endeared him to all the people in Mayberry. He was always willing to lend an ear to someone’s troubles and offer down home advise like "Hey, Andy, don’t take any wooden nickels"



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