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HUBBARD, Herb & wife, Eve
(The Mothers-in Law)
1805 Ridgewood Drive
Hollywood, CA
Herb is a lawyer. Eve is a meddling mother-in-law who intrudes on the life of newlywed daughter, Suzie, and her husband, Jerry both whom live in the Hubbard's garage.

Cutter Gap, TN (in 1912)
Christy is a young nineteen-year-old schoolteacher. She moved to Appalachian town of Cutter Gap, Tennessee to teach the underprivileged with the aide of her mentor, Miss Alice Henderson. Notable town citizenry included Reverend David Grantland [who courted Christy]; Miss Ida Grantland, David’s sister; and Dr. McNeil, a Scottish immigrant. Note: The series is based on Catherine Marshal's 1967 novel Christy and was filmed in Townsend, Tennessee.

(Upstairs, Downstairs)
c/o The Bellamy Family
165 Eaton Place
London, England
Angus Hudson is a Scottish butler and consummate professional who directed a group of London house servants working for the Bellamy family from the years 1903 through the depression.

HUGHES, Peter & Dora
(I Married Dora)
( 555-3636
Los Angeles, CA
Peter is an architect. The Hughes children Kate & Will, are cared for by their housekeeper, Dora Calderon, an illegal immigrant from Central America whom Peter marries.

HUGHLEY, Darryl & wife, Yvonne
(The Hughleys)
Southern California Suburbs
Darryl Hughley is a successful black vending-machine business man. Yvonne is a homemaker. They moved their family to the comfort of a California suburbs to become the only blacks in a sea of white folks.


HUMPHRIES, Wilberforce Clayborne
(Grace & Favour)
c/o Millstone Manor
Village of Great Tender
Rural England
Mr. Humphries is a former employee of Grace Brothers Department Store in London. He retired to the country with a group of former employees when they inherited the Manor in lieu of a pension upon the death of "young" Mr. Grace.

( 555-2657 [Stateside Number]
c/o The 4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Tent #6 [a.k.a. "The Swamp"]
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
B. J. is a Captain in the US Army [Serial No. US94539204]. He is stationed as a surgeon at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. He studied at Stanford Medical School and did his residency in Sausalito, California. Before going overseas he took five weeks army training at Fort Sam Houston. His wife, Peggy, baby daughter, Erin, and their dog named Waggles live in San Francisco, CA. He misses them terribly. BJ’s hometown is Mill Valley, California.

(Me & Mom)
51 Chevia Street
Los Angeles, CA
Zena is the wealthy mother of Kate Morgan, a criminologist.

(Acapulco H.E.A.T.)
Acapulco, Mexico
Ashley is a former British agent and member of a multi-national group of special agents working for H.E.A.T. (Hemisphere Emergency Action Team).

c/o Captain Edward Parmalee
Texas Ranger Headquarters
Laredo, TX (late 1800s)
Erik is a newcomer to the Texas Ranger station in the town of Laredo. His fellow officers included Reese Bennett, Chad Cooper, Joe Riley. They all reported to Captain Edward Parmalee.

(World of Giants)
Apartment 3B
37 Lynley Drive
Washington, D.C.
Mel, a six-inch-tall FBI agent, lives with partner Bill Winters.

HUNTER, Det. Sgt. Rick
( 1-WILLIAM-56 [Police radio]
( L-56 [Police radio]
c/o LAPD, Division 122
Los Angeles, CA
Rick is an honest cop whose father is connected to the mob. His partner is Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall [later replaced by Det. Sgt. Joann Molenski and Det. Sgt. Christine Novak].

HUNTER, Teaspoon
(The Young Riders)
Old West (1860)
Teaspoon operates one of the 190 Pony Express way stations that dot the American landscape from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento. His crew of pony riders included The Kid, a soft-spoken fast gun; William "Billy" Cody later to become Buffalo Bill Cody; Jimmy Hickok, the future Wild Bill Hickok; Ike McSwain, a mute; Little Buck Cross, a half-bred; and Lou McCloud, a girl disguised as a male.

HURST, Annabelle
(Department 'S')
86 Le Parses Avenue
London, England
Annabelle is a special police operative.

HUTCHINSON, Det. Ken "Hutch"
(Starsky and Hutch)
( Zebra-3 [Radio Code]
( Blond Blintz [CB Handle]
Los Angeles, CA
Ken is a cop. His partner is Det. Dave Starsky. They drive around town in a souped-up bright red 1975 Ford Torino.
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(Square Pegs)
98063 Walken Drive
Near Weemawee High School, USA
Lauren is a teenager. Her best friend Patty lives next-door at 98061 Walken Drive. Her cheerleader acquaintance Muffy Tepperman lives at 802 Grant Street.

HUXTABLE, Dr. Heathcliff
(The Cosby Show)
10 Stigwood Avenue
New York City, NY (Brooklyn Heights)
Cliff is an OB/GYN physician. His wife, Clair is an attorney. They live with their children, Sandra, Vanessa, Rudy and Theodore. Note: The exterior of the Huxtable home was actually the brownstone facade of a private residence at 10 St. Luke's Place near 7th Avenue in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. That home is not a single family home like on the TV show but rather the building was divided into an owner's duplex and four tiny one-bedroom apartments. The Cosby Show was taped before a studio audience in Brooklyn, New York.

(A Different World)
Room 20-Y
Gilbert Hall Dormitory
Hillman College, GA
Denise is a freshman college student. Her parents are Cliff and Claire Huxtable. While at college, Denise’s friends were Whitley Gilbert Wayne, Jalessa Vinson, Dwayne Wayne, Ron Johnson, Maggie Lauten. Steven Rallen, J.T. Rallen, Lettie Bostick, Winifred "Freddie" Brooks, Coach Walter Oakes, Gloria, Allison, and Millie.

HYATT, Alice & son, Tommy
Apartment # 108
Phoenix Arms/Desert Sun Apts.
Phoenix, AZ
Alice is a waitress at Mel's Diner



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