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(So This Is Hollywood)
( Hollywood 2211
c/o Queenie Dugan & Kim Tracy
Hollywood, CA
Queenie is a stuntwoman. Kim is an aspiring actress. They are roommates.

(The Night Stalker)
( 555-8842
Tony Vincenzo, Editor
Chicago, IL
Carl Kolchak is an INS reporter who investigates stories of the paranormal.

INGALLS, Charles & wife, Caroline
(Little House on the Prairie)
Walnut Grove, MI (1870s)
Charles is a farmer and carpenter. Caroline is a homemaker. Together they homesteaded a small property near the town of Walnut Grove in Minnesota. Their family included four daughters: Mary the eldest [she went blind], Laura, the second child [she became a schoolteacher]; Carrie the third; and Grace, their fourth and last child. The Ingalls later adopted an orphaned boy named Albert whom they met in the town of Winoka while the family lived there for a time. Years later Charles and Caroline adopted two new children [Cassandra and James] and then sold their family farm and moved to Iowa with daughters Cassie and Grace.

(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Sunnydale, CA
The Initiative is a secret government funded military operation that hunts down demons and experiments on them. Its laboratories are located under The Lowell House on the campus UC Sunnydale. Their members included psychology Professor Walsh who ran the secret weapons project; Riley Finn, an experienced commando and demon fighter, and his colleagues Forrest and Graham.

(Private Secretary)
( Plaza 5-1955
c/o Peter Sands, Founder
22nd Floor Suite # 2201
10 East 56th Street
New York City, NY
The office is run by Susie McNamara, his secretary and Violet Praskins, the firm’s receptionist and operator.

(Scarecrow & Mrs. King)
Washington, D.C.
The IFF is a front for "The Agency," a secret US government agency a.k.a. Project Pyramid. Founded in 1954 by Captain Harry V. Thornton, The Agency is built underground in the granite bedrock. It employs a number of highly skilled agents including Lee Stetson [code name: "Scarecrow"]; Francine Desmond and Amanda King, a talented divorced housewife who teamed with Lee to investigate national security concerns. They reported to section chief William "Billy" Melrose. Dr. Smyth is the current head of the Agency and T. P. Aquinas provides agent Stetson with reliable intelligence.

( 311-KL5-2271
c/o Lew Wickersham
Los Angeles, CA
Intertect is a private high-tech security firm. Its best operative is Joseph Mannix, an ex-Air Force pilot and Korean War veteran who was hired in the mid-1960s. Joe had received his private investigator’s license [#13007] in 1955. Intertect issued Joe a standard .38 revolver but he preferred his own .45 Colt semi-automatic. Despite the Intertect’s emphasis on computer hardware, Joe preferred good old fisticuffs to solve a problem. In the late 1960s, Joe left Intertect and opened his own private investigation firm.



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