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KEANE, Susan
(Suddenly Susan)
( 555-4858
3135 Washington Street
San Francisco, CA
Susan is a copy editor. Susan is slim, attractive, perky and used to be fat in junior high school. She was kicked out a fat camp for breaking into its kitchen and earned the nicknames "Beanpole," "Lurch" and "Chicago Trade Tower," for being so tall. She now writes an autobiographical singles column called "Suddenly Susan" for The Gate, a hip, trendy magazine.

KEATON, Steven & wife, Elyse
(Family Ties)
Leland Heights, Columbus, OH
Steven is the general manager for PBS TV station WKS. Elyse is an architect. They live with their children Alex P., a staunch Republican, Mallory, an aspiring fashion designer, Jennifer, their youngest daughter [later Elyse had a son named Andrew.]


KEELEY, Ranger George
(The Forest Rangers)
Indian River, Ontario, Canada
George is a member of the Department of Lands and Forests Services. His co-workers included Sergeant Scott; Joe Two Rivers, an Indian; Uncle Raoul; and a group of young children called the Junior Rangers (Chub, Peter, Mike, Ted, Kathy and Denise). Their radio code is XNY 556.

(Dirty Dancing)
c/o Max Kellerman, Owner
Catskills, NY (in 1963)
Kellerman summer employees included Johnny Castle, the resort’s sexy dance instructor; Penny Rivera, Johnny’s Latin dance partner; Neil Mumford, a pre-med student working as a waiter; Sweets Walker, the resort’s jazz pianist; Norman Bryant, a young comic and bellhop; and Max’s 17-year-old daughter Frances "Baby " Kellerman, [Johnny’s girlfriend] as the resorts new talent coordinator.

KELLOGG, Caryl & husband, Paul
(The Mommies)
13 Oak Way
Anytown, USA
Caryl is a homemaker and former travel agent. Paul is a computer technician. They share their lovely suburban home with their children Blake and Danny who attend Valley Elementary School. Caryl's best friend is Marilyn Larson who lives next door. Visiting each other's kitchens, Caryl and Marilyn [who both attended Montgomery High School- class of 1966] often shared their woes on being a mommy and other ripe gossip in the neighborhood. The family dog is named Cosmo who lives in both neighbor's homes.

KELLOGG, Walter & wife, Abigail
(People Next Door)
( 555-0098
607 Sycamore Lane
Covington, OH
Walter is an eccentric but lovable widowed New York cartoonist. Walter’s children are 11-year-old Aurora & 14-year-old Matthew. After the death of his wife, Walter moved to the small town of Covington, Ohio to marry his fiancée Abigail McIntyre, a psycho-therapist.

KELLS, Sydney
1144 Oliphant Street
Los Angeles, CA
Sydney is a private eye. She lives with a cat named Calvin.

KELLY, Frederick Thomas
(The Overland Trail)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Frederick is an ex-cavalry officer and civil engineer. He operates The Overland Stage Line [the first transport to run from Missouri to California] with the help of his rambunctious young sidekick Frank "Flip" Flippen.

KELLY, Grace & Family
(Grace Under Fire)
( 555-0159
445 Washington Avenue
Victory, MO
Grace [née Burdette] is a 36-year-old divorced mother of three. Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Grace is an aspiring writer and a recovering alcoholic. She’s worked as a waitress at Stevie Ray’s Bar, and at a CBD oil refinery worker [Section 7]. Grace’s children included Quentin Kelly, the eldest; Elizabeth Louise "Libby" Kelly, the adorable middle child and baby Patrick. Grace’s opinionated mother-in-law Jean Kelly later moved in to take care of the kids while Grace worked. Grace’s alcoholic husband Jimmy [who beat her during their marriage] visits the kids from time to time. Grace’s best friend included Nadine Swoboda who lives next-door with her fourth husband, Wade Swoboda.  See also - TV Character Bios - "Grace Kelly"

KELLY, Laura
981 Fairfax Street
Los Angeles, CA
Laura is a caterer. Her boyfriend [later husband] Ben is a mystery novelist. Laura’s friends included her wacky sister, Jane; Linda Phillips, a film studio executive and wife of Ben‘s best friend, Richard, a patio furniture salesman. On the spin-off series Open House, Laura divorces Ben, moves to 13205 Ocean Avenue and becomes a real estate agent with friend Linda for Juan Verde Real Estate. Note: Laura had a tattoo on her left breast that displayed her address. The tattoo enabled her to find her way home, in case she had gone on a drinking binge and forgot where she lived. Sweet Laura was an alcoholic.

(Pete Kelly's Blues)
c/o Lupo's
17 Cherry Street
Kansas City, MO
Pete plays cornet and leads 'The Big Seven Band', a speakeasy musical group.

KELSEY, Dave & wife, Midge
(The Donna Reed Show)
( 538-4192
Hilldale, USA
The Kelsey's live next-door to the Stone family

(Malcolm in the Middle)
Unnamed town, USA
Stevie Kenarben is an asthmatic black boy in a wheelchair who attends a special class for gifted kids (high IQ’s) with friend Malcolm (the show’s featured actor). When Stevie speaks, his breathing is labored and his deliver is slow but clear. Contemplating his future Stevie mused "With my intelligence and tokenism, the sky’s the limit." Once Stevie invited Malcolm over for a sleepover, and the two sneaked out to a late-night games arcade, where Stevie’s wheelchair was stolen. Unfortunately, Malcolm ended up pushing Stevie around in a shopping cart. Understandably, Stevie’s parents are extremely protective of him.

Brooke McQueen and her stepsister Samantha McPherson attend this edifice of higher learning. Its faculty included Principal Cecelia Hall; new vice-principal and Tai Chi instructor Calvin Krupps, Nurse Jessie Glass, coach Peritti, lunch lady Vera Krupps [Calvin’s her nephew], shop teacher Mr. Don Jackson, [he becomes a woman and changes his name to Ms. Debbie Jackson] and Cherry Cherry, the new economics teacher [she’s the mother of "popular" student Mary Cherry]. The school’s cheerleaders are called the "Glamazons."

(Heart of the City)
5503 Pacific Way
Los Angeles, CA
Wesley is a widowed cop. He lives with his rebellious teenage kids, Robin and Kevin.

(House Calls)
San Francisco, CA
Hospital staff includes surgeon Dr. Charley Michaels, administrative assistant Ann Anderson [replaced by Jane Jeffreys], administrator Conrad Peckler, obstetrician Dr. Norman Solomon, Chief of Surgery Amos Weatherby, Dr. Floyd Biederbeck, Dr. Sinberg, Head Nurse Bradley, Nurse Sally Bowman, Nurse Nancy McMillan, Nurse Shirley Bryan and hospital volunteer Mrs. Phipps.

KENT, Clark
(The Adventures of Superman)
( West 3-0963
c/o The Standish Arms Hotel
Apartment 5-H
Metropolis, USA
Clark is a newspaper reporter. His alter ego is the superhero Superman. Clark later moved to 344 Clinton Street. On The Adventures of Superboy Clark Kent lives in Apt #7 in Capital City, Florida. Note: Clark came from the planet Krypton. His real name is Kal-el.

(The Tim Conway Show)
c/o Crawford Field
Los Angeles, CA
Herbert is the head of Triple A Airlines ("Anywhere, Anytime Airline") based at Crawford Airfield in Los Angeles. He owns a decrepit propeller driven charter plane called Lucky Linda that is flown by the bumbling chief pilot, Timothy "Spud" Barrett.

Pallet Town
Ashton "Ash" is a 10-year-old boy. His quest in life is become the world's greatest Pokéman Master. Pokéman are strange creatures with fabulous powers. They lived in small hand-sized balls called Pokéballs.

KEYES, Jefferson
(Cool Million)
( 30-30100
State of Nebraska
Jefferson is a CIA agent turned private eye. He charges $1 million per case (the fee is refunded if he is not successful). A telephone operator named Elena contacts Keyes or Tony Baylor, the pilot of Keyes’ private jet.



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