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(McHale’s Navy)
c/o Taratupa Island
South Pacific (1940s)
Fuji Kobiaji is an AWOL Japanese soldier [Seaman Third Class in the Imperial Japanese navy] living with the American navy crew of the PT Boat # 73 near the Island of Taratupa in the South Pacific during World War II. He was the opposite of his zealot kamikaze countrymen. Choosing not to be sent to a POW camp, he befriended his American captors and became their chief cook and bottle washer. He lived under the constant threat of being discovered by outsiders. When Lt. Cdr. McHale and his men were transferred to the European Front (Italy), Fuji followed, incognito, of course.

(Mobile One)
c/o Maggie Spencer, Producer
"The 11 O'Clock News"
Southern California
Station staff includes investigative reporter Pete Campbell and his cameraman Doug McKnight.

KOOKSON III, Gerald Lloyd
(77 Sunset Strip)
18026 Valley Hart Drive
Hollywood, CA
Gerald a.k.a. "Kookie" is a hip, hair-combing parking lot attendant at Dino's Lodge. He loves hot rods and hangs out with gorgeous gals. Kookie later joins the staff of Bailey & Spencer Private Investigations as a private eye. His spoke colorful beatnik phrases known as "Kookie-isms" For example: Stash the chariot [Park the car], The ginchiest [The greatest], Piling up the Z's, [Sleeping], A dark seven [Depressing week], Make with the King's Jive [Speak English], Smoggin' in the noggin'

KOJAK, Det. Lt. Theo
215 River Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Kojak is a cop. He works at the Manhattan South 13th Precinct with Sergeant Bobby Crocker, and Detectives Stavros [a plant lover], Rizzo and Saperstein. Hanging on the wall behind his desk is a portrait of his father, a Greek soldier bearing the name Captain Theocradus Kojakzakilas. Kojak sucked on lollipops to keep from smoking. His catchphrase is "Who loves ya, baby?"

(Judging Amy)
Boston, MA
Donna is a legal clerk. She works for her mentor, Judge Amy Gray, a domestic court judge. Donna is plump, frumpy, and has an I.Q. of 163. She later married Oscar Pant, an incarcerated ax murder and gave birth to their child in a swimming pool in Judge Amy’s house. Donna platonically shares an apartment with Judge Amy’s journalist brother.

(Laverne & Shirley)
Apartment # 306
Milwaukee, WI
Lenny works as a truck driver at Shotz Brewery. He shares his apartment with his stuffed Iguana, Jeffrey and his friend and fellow truck driver "Squiggy" Squiggman. Lenny & Squiggy later moved to Los Angeles where they work as ice cream vendors and talent agents. Lenny Kosnowski's last name in English means "Help, there is a hog in my kitchen!"

KOSTAS, Regina "Reggie"
New York City, NY
Reggie is the owner of small cafe that she inherited from her father. Reggie is single, tall and beautiful, but currently she has nearly a dime to her name and no boy friend. The regulars to her eatery included the gruff Dr. Becker who stored his cigarettes behind the counter in the cash register drawer; Bob, a sleazy loser of guy who went to high school with Reggie and still carries a crush for her; and Jake Malinak, a blind man who runs the newspaper/candy concession stand inside the restaurant.

KOTTER, Gabe & wife, Julie
(Welcome Back, Kotter)
711 East Ocean Parkway
New York City, NY (Brooklyn)
Gabe is a high school teacher at James Buchanan High School. Julie is a homemaker. Gabe mentors a group of undisciplined 10th/11th grade high school students known as "The Sweathogs" who attend his history, social studies and homeroom classes at Buchanan High. When the Kotter's had twins [Rachel & Robin], they moved to a larger residence at 1962 Linden Boulevard, Apartment #409.

KOVAC, Dr. Luka
Hotel Room #1214
Chicago, IL
Dr. Luka Kovac is a foreign physician from Kosovo, Croatia working as an on-call attending physician at Cook County General Hospital in Chicago, Il. Before coming to America, Luka’s family (his wife and two children) were killed when an artillery shell hit their home, just as he had stepped out to buy bread and cheese.

KOVAK, Sydney
(Partners in Crime)
Apartment 3C
921 Hayworth Street
San Francisco, CA
Sydney inherited a mansion and the detective agency of her late husband.

(My So-Called Life)
Pittsburgh, PA (Suburbs)
Brian, a.k.a. "Brain," is a student at Liberty High School. He is the typical nerd: a genius with the books [calculus no problem] but a failure with women.

KRAMDEN, Ralph & wife, Alice
(The Honeymooners)
( Bensonhurst 0-7741
328 [or 358 or 728]
Chauncey Street
New York, NY (Bensonhurst)
Ralph is a bus driver for Gotham Bus Company [badge #2368]. Born in Brooklyn, he is 42-years-old, weighs 246 pounds and stands 5 feet 11 inches with a 47 inch waist and a size 18 neck. Born February 8th, Alice [née Gibson] is a homemaker and the love of Ralph’s life. Ralph's mother is Elizabeth Warton.

( 555-3455 [FILK]
( 555-8643
Apartment 5B
129 West 81st Street
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Cosmo [a.k.a. "The K-Man"] is a 6‘3" "hipster dufus" with wavy hair. Kramer sublets his apartment from Paul Buchman [from the series Mad About You] but previously lived at 18th Street on 3rd Avenue]. Kramer lives across the hall from comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and often mooches from Jerry‘s refrigerator.

KRAMER, Margaux
(Punky Brewster)
( 555-RICH
Oak Lane
Chicago, IL
Margaux is Punky Brewster’s rich, spoiled friend.

KRAVITZ, Abner & wife, Gladys
1168 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, CT
Abner is retired. His wife, Gladys is always snooping on their neighbors, especially Samantha Stephens [a witch]. When she sees Samantha perform so sort of witchcraft spells, she comes running to husband Abner to come look. Unfortunately, by the time Abner arrives on the scene, Samantha has covered her tracks and Abner ends up thinking Gladys is just plain nuts.

KREBS, Jennie Lee
(Star of the Family)
7136 La Salle Drive
Southern California
Jennie lives with her father, Leslie "Buddy" and her brother, Douglas "Douggie"

KREBS, Maynard G.
(The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)
1343 South Elm Street
Central City, USA
Maynard is the beatnik friend of Dobie Gillis. He collects tin foil, enjoys monster movies [The Monster That Devoured Cleveland is his favorite film] and hates to work. Whenever anyone used the word "Work" within listening distance of this bearded bohemian, it caused him to wildly flinch and involuntarily shout "Work!" Note: Episode No.70 "Dobie Plays Cupid" is the first time Maynard utters his trademark catchphrase "Work!"

(Little Shop)
Seymour is a nerdy teenager. He owned a large temperamental potted plant that liked to sing rap songs. Note: The program is based on director Roger Corman's low-budget black comedy The Little Shop Of Horrors (1960) written by Charles B. Griffith.

(Matt Helm)
( 555-1333
36 Primrose Lane
Malibu Beach, CA
Claire's partner, Matt Helm called her "the most honest lawyer...but one of the sneakiest people" he's ever known.

(The Simpsons)
534 Center Street
Springfield, USA
Krusty the Klown is an illiterate, rowdy green-haired clown [a la Bozo]. He is the favorite TV personality of Bart Simpson [Krusty buddy No. 16302], a bratty little kid who lived in the town of Springfield, USA. Krusty's TV show assistants included Side-Show Mel, Corporal Punishment, Tina the Ballerina, his backup band Krusty and the Ktums and Krusty's faithful secretary, Miss Penny Candy.



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