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(How the West Was Won)
Somewhere on the Frontier (1860s)
Zeb Macahan is a mountain man and former army scout. After Zeb's brother Timothy and his wife, Kate are killed, Zeb adopted their family. They included Aunt Molly Culthane; Luke Macahan, an army deserter; Laura Macahan; Josh Macahan and Jessie Macahan. Together, they trekked from the fields of Virginia in search of a new life/homestead at the beginning of the 1860s. Note: The series is based loosely on the 1962 movie How The West Was Won.

MACAULEY, Wesley "Wes"
(It's A Man's World)
c/o The Elephant
Cordella, (Along the Ohio River)
Wes is a student at Cordella College. He lives on a houseboat called "The Elephant" with his 14-year-old brother, Howie and two college friends Vernon "Vern" Hodges and Thomas A. "Tom Tom" De Witt.

(Hamish Macbeth)
Lochdubh, West Scotland
Hamish is the local police constable. His friends and acquaintances include Wee Jock, his small Westie dog; TV John McKeever, Hamish’s close friend and assistant; Isobel Sutherland, the reporter for the Lockdubh Listener; novelist Alexandra MacLaine; Barney & Agnes Meldrum, the local pub owners; Doc Brown, the village physician; Rory Campbell, the grocery shop owner; Esme Murray, the town teacher; Lachie Sr. and his son, Lacnie Jr., the town schemers; Major Peregrine MacLaine, landowner and Alexandra’s father; Neil the Bus; Rory Calhoun; Neil Findlay; Flora, the town gossip; Zoot MacPheron, a wealthy local; and the Clan MacLopez, the makers of illegal sherry stills. The coastal village of Lochdubh seen on the series is actually the Scottish Highlands village of Plockton.

( 213-555-1678
c/o Frank MacBride & Pete Ryan
1019 Florida Street
Los Angeles, CA
Maggie Philbin is their secretary.

MACGILLIS, Major John D. & wife, Polly
(Major Dad)
( 555-6703
c/o Building 52419
Camp Singleton
Oceanside, CA
John is a conservative by-the-book Major in the United States Marine Corps. Polly is a widowed liberal journalist who works as a reporter for the Oceanside Chronicle. Polly met John when she interviewed him for a newspaper article on September 11th. They began dating and married on October 11th. John moved into Polly’s house and began to share the lives of Polly’s three daughters Elizabeth, Robin and Casey and the family pets, Lemon, a bird and Claudette, a turtle. The MacGillis family transferred to Camp Hollister, in Farlow, VA [House 485] John now worked as the staff secretary to General Marcus Craig and Polly got hired as the managing editor of The Bulldog, the camp newspaper. John adopted Polly’s children on 5/31/91 at which time they dropped their Cooper surname in favor of MacGillis.

(Cimarron Strip)
Cimarron City (late 1880s)
Magregor is a part-time deputy. He helps US Marshall Jim Crown maintain peace and order in an area between the Kansas and Indian Territories called the Cherokee Strip. Macgregor is tough, dependable and loyal but also hot-tempered and accident-prone. Initially, Macgregor was a partner with English Charley, the owner of the Wayfarer's Inn. It was known to have "The pinkest, prettiest, plumpest girls in town." Macgregor's biggest blunder was blowing away the front of the town jail when his liquor still exploded.

(Head of the Class/Billy)
c/o Fillmore High School
New York City, NY
Billy Macgregor is a teacher. Born is Glascow, Scotland, Billy attended Oxford University in England, and then moved to America on a temporary work visa. When Billy forgot to renew his visa, he illegally married one of his students [Mary Springer, a divorcee with three children] to avoid being deported back to Scotland. Their deal was for Mary to wed Billy in exchange for his helping her pay the rent on her home [#2014] while Billy lived platonically in the basement apartment. Billy later won a green card in an immigration lottery.

(MacGruder & Loud)
Apartment 2A
165 North Veranda
Los Angeles, CA
Malcolm is a cop. He is secretly married to Officer Jenny Loud because marriage is against departmental policy. To be near each other, Malcolm and Jenny live in adjoining apartments that are connected by a revolving bookcase. Jenny lives in apartment 2B.

MACGYVER, Angus "Mac"
( 555-8990
Apartment [no number given]
Los Angeles, CA
Angus "Mac" MacGyver is a scientific genius who first worked for Western Tech, then the U.S. government and finally for the Phoenix Foundation. MacGyver shunned the use of firearms but rather used his fertile imagination to get himself and others out of deadly situations. In his down time MacGyver lived on a houseboat [until destroyed in 1991] and followed a strict vegetarian diet.

MACK, Alexandra
(The Secret World of Alex Mack)
Alexandra "Alex" is a thirteen-year-old student. When she accidentally got doused with chemicals in a freak accident she obtained the ability to morph into a glob of liquid that enabled her to move through tiny openings and piping.

(Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour)
( LU 2-3100
c/o Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour P.O. Box 191
Radio City Station
New York City, NY.
Above is the mailing address where television home viewers sent their ballot choices to determine the weekly winner of this televised talent show.

(Ozzie's Girls)
c/o Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
822 Sycamore Street
Hillsdale, USA
Brenda and her roommate Susie Hamilton live in the rooms formerly used by David & Ricky Nelson.

(L .A. Law)
444 [unnamed building]
Los Angeles, CA
The firm's major attorneys are Leland McKenzie, Douglas Brackman Jr., Michael Kuzak, Grace Van Owen, Arnie Becker, Ann Kelsey, Stuart Markowitz Victor Sifuentes, Abby Green, and later additions Tommy Mullaney, Cara Jean "C.J. Lamb, Zoey Clemmons, and partner Rosalind Shays [who fell down an elevator shaft and died]. Kuzak's name was later dropped and Becker added to the company name. [Chaney died at his desk on the premiere episode]. Note: The exterior building shots used for the series are actually scenes of a high-rise office tower located at 444 S. Flower Street in Los Angeles, CA (formerly The Wells Fargo Building).

(We Got It Made)
Apartment 9A
1054 West 61st Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Mickey is the sexy live-in housekeeper for two sloppy bachelors, David Tucker & Jay Bostwick.

MACKENZIE, Colonel Alan
(The Men From Shiloh)
c/o The Shiloh Ranch
Medicine Bow, Wyoming (1890s)
Alan is a retired English Colonel. He is the fourth owner of the Shiloh Ranch. His ranch hands included the mysterious drifter known only as The Virginian who supervised the sprawling spread; Trampas, his amiable assistant foreman [he's a bit wild at times]; and hired hand Roy Tate.

(Mackenzie's Raiders)
c/o US 4th Cavalry
Along the Mexican Border (1870s)
Colonel Ronald S. Mackenzie is a commander of the U.S. Fourth Cavalry. He was stationed at Fort Clark, Texas during the year 1873 and crossed the Rio Grande under secret orders from President Grant and General Sheridan to hunt down and subdue marauding Mexican bandits. Note: The series was based on the real military officer who was the focus of the book "The Mackenzie Raid" by Col. Russell Reeder.

MACKEY, Det. Vic "Mac"
(The Shield)
Los Angeles, CA (Farmington District)
Vic is a rogue police detective. He is rude, obnoxious, a sexist and heads an elite Strike Team unit whose mission is to eliminate crime on the streets of Los Angeles. Depending on the circumstances, Vic can be both a good or a bad cop. His supervisor Capt. David Aceveda (who has political aspirations) is aware that Vic is dirty but the powers that be in the department protect Vic so he can keep busting the "other" bad guys on the streets and clean up the district. Vic is not beneath beating a suspect with a phone book while in custody to get information out him. When it comes down to himself and another cop, Vic will always choose his own skin. Mackey once shot a fellow cop who threatened to blow the whistle on him  point-blank in the face. As for a family life, Vic has a troubled marriage with his wife, Corrine. They have a son who is autistic. Vic's fellow officers included no-nonsense Det. Claudette Wyms, her junk-food addicted partner; Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach; Off. Danielle "Danny" Sofer (Vic's having an affair with her); Danny's rookie partner Off. Julien Lowe; Det. Shane Vendrell; and Det. Curtis "Lemonhead" Lemansky.

(Man Without a Gun)
Dakota Territory (1880s)
Adam is a crusading newspaper editor of the Yellowstone Sentinel. His mission: to prove "the pen was mightier than the gun."

(The Highlander)
c/o The River Barge
Seine River, Paris, France
Duncan MacLeod is a 400-year-old immortal warrior born in the Highland of Scotland in 1592. For centuries Duncan has been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer. Constantly facing other immortals in combat to the death with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die unless you take his head and lift his power. In the end there can be only one. May it be, Duncan MacLeod...THE HIGHLANDER.

(Out of the Blue)
217 Southampton Street
Chicago, IL
Marion is raising her five nieces and nephews after their parents died in a plane crash. She is aided by Gladys, her black housekeeper and a mysterious boarder named Random [an angel].
MACPHERSON, Darryl & wife, Wanda
(Baby Blues)
Darryl and Wanda are a couple in their late twenties who just became parents. Their newborn Zoe forces them to change their lifestyles and confront such issues as nursing, napping and disposing diapers. Their white-trash next-door neighbors, Carl and Melinda and their rambunctious three kids Rodney, Megan and Bizzy add spice to their already hectic day. Note: The series is based Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott's popular comic strip "Baby Blues."

(The Champions)
c/o Nemesis
Geneva, Switzerland
Sharon Macready is one of three secret agents working for Nemesis, a Geneva, Switzerland-based law and order agency. Other agents included Craig Sterling and Richard Barrett. W. L. Tremayne is their superior. Each agent was endowed with super sensory and extrasensory power they received from an old man in a lost city in Tibet.



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