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MCBEAL, Ally Marie
(Ally McBeal)
Apartment 3-D
Beacon Hill
Boston, MA
Ally is a Harvard-trained lawyer with a vivid imagination. She works for Cash/Fish & Associates. Her friend and house-mate is Renée Radick, a fellow Harvard lawyer. In their college days, Ally and Renée invented the "Penguin." [a technique where one of them lured a man to drop his trousers in public while the other took his photograph as he waddled after them]. During times of stress or introspection, a ghostly Dancing Baby frolicked in front of Ally. Called "Mr. Huggy" (aka "Baby Cha-Cha") by Ally), the baby was the living embodiment of Ally's biological clock come to haunt her.

(It's a Living)
1417 Brooke Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Maggie is a widow and waitress at the Above the Top restaurant.

MCCABE, Jason Lochinvar
(Jake & the Fatman)
( 555-4796
Building #310
Costa Del Mar Municipal Court House
Costa Del Mar, CA
Jason, a.k.a. "Fatman" is a district attorney. He lives with an equally fat bulldog named Max. McCabe’s support staff includes special investigator Jake Styles; young assistant D.A., Derek Mitchell, and the Fatman’s sassy secretary, Gertrude.

MCCAIN, Lucas & son, Mark
(The Rifleman)
c/o The McCain Ranch [formerly
the Dunlap Ranch]
North Folk, NM (in the 1880s)
Lucas is a widower rancher who carries a special .44-40 hair-trigger Winchester rifle. His nickname is "The Rifleman." He lives with his young son, Mark about four miles south of town on a 4,100 acre homestead. Lucas rides a horse named Razor; Mark's horse is called Blue Boy. When there’s trouble in town, Lucas assists town marshal Micah Torrence, a recovering alcoholic. Lucas’ love interests are storekeeper Miss Milly Scott and later Hattie Denton, the hotelkeeper.

MCCALL, Det. Dee Dee
(1-Adam-43 [Police radio]
315 Hazeltine Street
Los Angeles, CA (Studio City)
Dee Dee is an LAPD homicide detective. Her partner is Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter. Dee Dee’s alternate address is 8534 Mezdon Drive.

MCCALL, Michele "Mike"
(How to Marry a Millionaire)
( Plaza 3-5099
22nd Floor Penthouse "G"
Tower Apartment House
Park Avenue
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Mike shares her barely affordable apartment with Greta Lindquist, Loco Jones and later Gwen Laurel.

MCCALL, Robert
(The Equalizer)
( 212-555-4200 [or 5247]
West 74th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
McCall is a ex-senior operative for an espionage agency known as "The Company." Robert voluntarily retired in 1985 from an occupation that usually doesn’t let its employees leave...alive. He now hires himself out as a urban vigilante and advertises in the local newspaper with an ad that reads "Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer 212-555-4200."

(Leg Work)
( 555-4365 [Car phone]
365 East 65th Street
New York City, NY
Claire is a former district attorney turned private eye. She drives a Porsche.

3360 North Canyon Drive
Malibu, CA
Shauni is a lifeguard for L.A. County.

MCCLEOD, Annette
(The Mickey Mouse Club/Annette)
149 Elm Street
Ashford, Nebraska.
Annette is an orphan from Beaver Junction, Nebraska who came to live with her physician uncle, Archibald McCloud and his wife, Lyla. Annette's friend, Jet Maypen lives at Spring Ranch near Highway 26.

c/o 27th Precinct
New York City, NY
Sam is a Deputy US Marshal from Taos, New Mexico. He was assigned to the concrete canyons of New York City to learn modern law enforcement techniques. His trademarks included a sheep-skin lined jacket, cowboy hat and the catchphrase "There ya' go." McCloud reports to Chief of Detectives Peter B. Clifford who often ordered Sgt. Joe Broadhurst to monitor McCloud‘s maverick behavior [but usually got involved in McCloud’s unsanctioned investigations.] McCloud’s romantic interest is writer Chris Coughlin.

MCCONNELL, Mindy Beth & Mork
(Mork & Mindy)
1619 Pine Street
Boulder, CO.
Mindy is a journalist. She shares her home with Mork, an alien from the planet Ork. They married and had a baby called Mearth who hatched from a huge egg. Note: The Victorian house seen on the series [exteriors only] is actually an historical landmark built in 1883 by lumberyard owner, Ira McCallister. It is located at 1619 Pine Street in Boulder, Colorado. See also - ALIENS - "Mork" and "Mearth"

(The Deputy)
Silver City, Arizona (1880s)
Clay is a storekeeper with an aversion for guns. He acts as town deputy for Simon Fry, an aging US Marshall. The local citizenry included Clay's sister, Fran McCord; and Sergeant Tasker, a one-eyed cavalry officer.

Old West (in the 1880s)
Jason is a cavalry officer who was unjustly "branded" a coward and dismissed from the service. Wandering the Old West of the 1880s he tried to live down the false allegation. As the theme song intoned "What do you do when you're branded and you know you’re a man?"

MCCORMICK, Mark "Skid"
(Hardcastle & McCormick)
Gull's Way
101 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA
Mark is an ex-con race driver. He works with a vigilante judge who brings criminals "released on technicalities" to justice.

MCCOY, Grandpa Amos
(The Real McCoys)
c/o The McCoy Ranch
San Fernando Valley, CA
Amos is a dirt-poor farmer from West Virginia who relocated his family to sunny California [in a Model-T Ford called "Gertrude"] to live on small ranch inherited from his now deceased brother, Ben. The McCoy clan includes Amos’ grandson Luke, Luke’s wife, Kate [called "Sugar-babe"], Luke’s teenage sister "Aunt" Hassie; and Luke’s 11-year-old brother, Little Luke. Pepino Garcia, the McCoy’s Mexican ranch hand, addresses Amos as "Senor Grandpa." George MacMichael, the McCoy’s argumentative neighbor and his sister Flora live just down the road. George and Amos are members of the Royal Order of the Mystic Nile Lodge.

MCCOY, Dr. Leonard
(Star Trek)
c/o The USS Enterprise
Somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant
McCoy is the chief medical officer onboard the USS Enterprise. Born on earth in 2227, McCoy joined the crew of the Enterprise in 2266 where he was affectionately nicknamed "Bones" by the ship’s captain James T. Kirk. McCoy considered himself a "country doctor" and often quibbled with all the high-tech gadgets on the starship. He was especially distrustful of the ship’s transporter, a matter-energy conversion device. At the age of 137 in the year 2364, McCoy, now a retired Starfleet admiral, made an inspection of the newly commissioned Enterprise-D starship commanded by captain Jean Luc Picard.

(Down Home)
( 824-9333
c/o Kate & Walt & Eric McCrorey
Hadley Cove, TX
McCrorey's is a tackle shop & cafe.

MCCULLOCH, Chris &, wife, Dee
(The New Lassie)
415 Latimor Road
Glen Ridge, CA
Chris is a building contractor. The McCulloch's live with daughter, Wendy, son, Will, and their dog, Lassie.

(Wagon Train)
American Frontier (late 1800s)
Flint is a frontier scout. He prepares the way ahead for pioneer families traveling west by wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California in the post Civil War days. He reported to wagonmaster Major Seth Adams and later to Christopher Hale.

c/o B. L. McCutcheon
Pritchard, NE
Living on this 350-acre farm is Grandpa B.L. McCutcheon who shares his home with his married daughter, Casey, her husband, Tom Stafford and their children Johnny, Gus & Kim.

MCDONALD, Dr. Robert "Bob"
(My Living Doll)
5600 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
Bob is a government psychiatrist. He helps mold the human character of Rhoda, a lifelike female robot [Secret Project AF 709]. who now lives in his home.

(Will & Grace)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Jack is a very animated gay man who doesn’t yet have his life together. In the meantime, he’s constantly looking for the "right man." His best friends are gay lawyer Will Truman; straight interior designer Grace Adler; and wealthy socialite Karen Walker. For a time, Jack lived in the life of luxury when he participated in a sham marriage so that Karen’s El Salvadoran maid could stay in the country. When his friend Grace moved back into Will’s apartment, she let Jack stay in her apartment 9A at 155 Riverside Drive [rent free] until the lease was up. Jack wrote his own one-man stage play entitled "Just Jack!" He has a parakeet named Guapo, a dog named Klaus Von Puppy [later called Gus]; and an adolescent son named Elliot who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

(Hawaii Five-O)
404 Piikoi Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
McGarrett heads an elite police unit called Hawaii Five-O. He reports directly to Governor Philip Grey. Steve's support staff includes Det. Danny Williams, Det. Chin Ho Kelly, Det Kono Kelakaua, and Det. Ben Kokua. Steve drove a 1968 Mercury Parklane Brougham 4-door hardtop Sedan. Note: McGarrett’s home address is also given as 2085 Ala Wai Blvd. (a real apartment building) for one episode. His earlier address is now the site of a record store called "Records Hawaii" across the street from the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

MCGEE, Fibber & wife, Molly
(Fibber McGee & Molly)
79 Wistful Vista
Wistful Vista, USA
Fibber, a spinner of tall tales, is known as the "World's Greatest Liar."

(The Incredible Hulk)
c/o The National Register
Chicago, IL
Jack is an investigative reporter. When he heard rumors of a huge green creature roaming the countryside, he set out to write a story calling the monster "The Incredible Hulk." Despite his bosses derision on the value of the story Jack pursued the Hulk across the country. The Hulk was in reality the alter ego of Dr. David Banner who was believed killed in a laboratory explosion.

(The Flash)
Central City, USA
Tina is a British research scientist with from Star labs who assists the speedy superhero known as the Flash battle crime.

(Snowy River: The McGregor Saga)
c/o Langara Ranch
Near Town of Patterson Ridge
Australian Frontier (late 1800s)
Matt is the patriarch of the Scottish Macgregor clan who run the sprawling Langara ranch. Family members included Luke McGregor; Colin McGregor; Rob McGregor; Danni McGregor and Emily McGregor. The McGregor's nemesis were the Blackwood family who owned a nearby ranch. Note: The series is based on the movies The Man from Snowy River (1982) and Return to Snowy River a.k.a. The Man from Snowy River II (1988).

(Easy Street)
( 555-4926
4163 Hillcrest Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
L. K. inherits a Beverly Hills Mansion and invites her Uncle Alvin "Bully" Stevenson and his pal Ricardo Williams to live with her.

MCGUIRE, Nick & Annie Block
(Annie McGuire)
( 555-5551
235 West Perry Street
Bayonne, NJ
Annie works as a community relations coordinator. Newly remarried, she lives with her son, Lewis and Nick's children Lennie and Debbie.

MCHALE, Quinton
(McHales' Navy)
c/o Taratupa Island
South Pacific (1940s)
McHale commands the misfit crew of PT Boat 73. They include Ensign Charles Parker, and seamen Harrison "Tinker" Bell, Willy Moss, Happy Haines, Virgil Edwards [the athletic ladies’ man], Lester Gruber [the conniving schemer] and Quartermaster George "Christy" Christopher. Fuji Kobiaji, an AWOL Japanese soldier, serves as McHale's cook. The nearby naval base is commanded by Captain Wallace B. Binghamton and his assistant Lt. Elroy "Carpy" Carpenter who are always trying to find evidence to get McHale and his men court-martialed. McHale and his crew were later transferred to the small Italian town of Voltafiore to battle Germans. Despite the warfare, McHale and his men always found time to bend the rules and have some fun regardless of regulations.

(Room 222)
Los Angeles, CA
Liz is a counselor at Walt Whitman High School [later promoted to English Teacher]

MCINTYRE, Dr. John Francis Xavier
(M*A*S*H / Trapper John, M.D.)
c/o The 4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Tent #6 [a.k.a. "The Swamp"]
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
John is a Captain USAMC in the US Army [Serial No. ER603044734]. He is stationed reluctantly in Korea at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. He uses laughter, alcohol and practical jokes to get him through the day. His best friend and partner in numerous pranks is Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce whom he first met in Boston, his hometown. John has a wife named Louise and two daughters Becky and Kathy. He got his nickname "Trapper John" after he "trapped" a beauty queen in the toilet of the Boston-Maine express train.

MCKAY, Billy Joe
(B.J. & the Bear)
("The Milwaukee Kid" [CB Handle]
Milwaukee, WI
Billy is a long-distance truck driver. He hauls anything [as long as it's legal] for $1.50 a mile plus expenses. Billy later relocates to the Los Angeles area at 800 Palmer Street in Hollywood where he establishes Bear Enterprises [Bear is Billy's chimpanzee road companion.]

MCKAY, Bob & wife, Kaye
134 Oak Street
Chicago, IL
Bob is a artist for ACE Comics. He created the comic book superhero "Mad-Dog." Kaye works at the Museum Shop. Bob and Kaye are Catholic and attend church at Our Lady of Constant Sorrow. Bob prefers drinking Tang over fresh-squeezed orange juice, enjoys playing poker with fellow artist buddies and still has one of his baby teeth, The McKay’s grown daughter, Patricia "Trish" lives with them and works with Bob’s as his colorist at ACE Comics. Otto is the family cat [that Bob once threatened to microwave]. When ACE Comic dropped the Mad Dog comic, Bob got a new job at Schmitt Greeting Card Company working for Sylvia Schmitt. Bob has won the Buster Award for "Best New Comic Creator and Artist" and the Doilie Award for "Best Creativity" in the greeting card industry.

MCKAY, Johnny
Laramie, WY (1870s)
Johnny is the deputy of Marshall Dan Troop and "the boy that he [Dan] trained to fight by his side." Before taking the job as deputy, Johnny worked in the town cafe. He had lived in Laramie at least half of his life but was raised on a farm outside Lawrence, Kansas where his father was killed by raiders during the war. At the age of 10, Johnny and his mother joined a wagon train. She was buried by the trail in Nebraska. Johnny’s old girlfriend is Julie Preston.

MCKAY, Patrick & wife, Katherine
(Our Family Honor)
6340 Bridge Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Pat is a police commissioner.

(The Alaskans)
Skagway, Alaska (1890s)
Reno is an adventurer in search of fortune in the Gold Rush days.

( 555-3436
46 Willow Place
San Francisco, CA
Sara is an attorney. She works at the Bay City Law Offices.

(Freaks and Geeks)
Detroit, MI (c.1980-81)
Sophomore Lindsay Weir (a "freak") and her freshman brother, Sam Weir (a "geek") attend this suburban educational facility. Its teaching staff included Jeffery Theodore Rosso, the laid-back guidance counselor; Coach Fredricks, the guys' physical education and health teacher; and Mr. Kowchevski, an angry math teacher. The school's mascot is The Norseman. Their rival is Lincoln High School.

( 555-6059
c/o Larry Tate
32nd Floor
International Building
New York City, NY
Larry Tate is the firm's senior partner. Darrin Stephens is their top account executive.

(Martin Kane, Private Eye)
( El Dorado 5-4098
c/o Happy McMann, Proprietor
New York City, NY
This is Martin Kane's favorite hangout. He smokes Old Briar pipe tobacco [15 cents a pouch].

MCMILLAN, Jennifer "Jenny"
( 555-0127
Hollywood Hills, CA
Jenny is the daughter of B-movie actor, Guy Hathaway. When he died Jenny moved to California from Utica New York to claim her inheritance that included a stylish abode called the Playpen Mansion. Jenny shares her new digs with her loyal friend Margaret "Maggie" Marino; and two happy-go-lucky filmmakers Max and Cooper "Coop" [from "Pendulum Films"] whom Jenny discovered living in the mansion’s guest house.

(China Beach)
c/o 510 Evac Hospital
63rd Division
Danang, Vietnam
Colleen is a US Army triage nurse. Born in Lawrence, Kansas in 1948, she volunteered for service in Vietnam at the US Armed Forces R&R facility in Danang, Republic of Vietnam in the 1960s. Her colleagues include Karin Colosky ("K.C."), a civilian prostitute; Laurette Barber, a USO entertainer; Wayloo Marie Holmes, a US Air Force television reporter; Major Lila "Scooter" Garreau, hospital commander; Evan "Dodger" Winslow, a combat soldier, Boonewell G. "Boonie" Lanier, First Marine Division, Icor; Dr. Dick Richard, Nurse Holly Pelligrino, and Nurse Cherry White, an American Red Cross worker. When Colleen returned to America in 1970, she took a job as a nurse in a local Kansas hospital, then moved to Portland, Oregon where she worked as a hospital administrator. In 1985 she married architect Joe Arenberry and had baby girl named Maggie.

MCNAMARA, Susan Camille
(Private Secretary)
Apartment H
Brockhurst Apartments
East 92nd Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Susie works for a theatrical agent at International Artists, Inc.

(Ann Jillian)
805 Etchfield Street
Town of Marvel, CA
Ann is a store manager at Aunt Betty’s Coffee and Bean Shop. She is single parent, a widow and a former Rockette for the Radio City Music Hall when she lived at 1027-64 South Ferry Street in Queens, NY. Why did Ann chose the town of Marvel to live? It was where she and her husband Eddie spent their honeymoon.

MCNEAL, Bill "Evelyn"
c/o WNYX Radio
New York, NY
Bill is a news anchor at WNYX, an all-news radio station. Born June 19th, Bill is single, pompous. and smokes cigarettes. At one time or another Bill has carried a cane [he didn’t need]; battled with security guards who denied him entry to the station’s building without his ID; tried to convince his girlfriend he’s British; was stalked by a homicidal Santa Claus; and hired a gentlemen’s gentleman named Cadbury to oversee his life. Once, Bill even got committed to an asylum when judged mentally incompetent. Bill’s co-anchor is Catherine Duke who gleefully discovered Bill‘s real first name was "Evelyn." Matthew Brock, a ditzy reporter at the station thought Bill was a God. When Bill died of a heart attack, a disbelieving Matthew insisted Bill was still alive and operating a small business in Katmandu. Bill was replaced by Max Louis, an insecure man who had held 37 jobs in twenty years. Note: The ‘Bill McNeal’ character was mourned on episode #76 "Bill Moves On" broadcast 9/23/98. In reality, Phil Hartman who played Bill McNeal was shot and killed by his wife in May of 1998.

(Stark Raving Mad)
New York City, NY
Henry is a book editor assigned to work with a best-selling, but off-centered novelist named Stark.

MCNEIL, Ann & daughter, Lucy
(Ann Jillian)
805 Etchfield Street
Marvel, CA.
Ann is a widow and single mom. She manages Aunt Betty's Coffee and Bean Shop and shares her home with her fifteen-year-old daughter, Lucy and a dog named Corkey. Before Ann's firefighter husband died, she lived at 1027-64 South Ferry Street Queens, NY.

MCNUTLEY, Ray & wife, Peggy
(The Ray Milland Show)
( Lynnhaven-3325
187 Maple Terrace
Lynnhaven, USA
Ray is the head of the English department at Lynnhaven College. His neighbors are Pete and Ruth Thompson. Ray and Peggy later move to California where Ray becomes a drama teacher at Comstock University.

(The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters)
American Frontier (1849)
Jaimie is a 12-year-old boy traveling with his scalawag father, "Doc" Sardius McPheeters as they headed west to the California gold fields by wagon train.

MCPHERSON, Samantha "Sam"
Samantha is a student at Kennedy High School. She is an aspiring writer and reporter for the school paper. Her friends included best pals Carmen Ferrara, Lily Esposito and Harrison John. Unfortunately, Samantha's world turned upside down when her widowed mother Jane McPherson [her husband died in 1997] remarried. Samantha now has to live with a new father and his teenage daughter Brooke McQueen, who is part of the "popular" crowd at school and the antithesis of Samantha own social values. Sam works at a record store.

Brooke is a student at Kennedy High School. She is blonde, perky, the captain of the cheerleaders, the home coming queen and one of the most popular girls in school. Her popular friends included quarterback Josh Ford, Nicole Julian [she's a bad girl]; Mike "Sugar Daddy" Bernardino, an obese football player [he can‘t keep a secret]; Mary Cherry and Poppita "Poppy" Fresh. Brooke's world turned upside down when her divorced father Michael "Mike" McQueen remarried. She now has to share her home with a new mother, Jane McPherson and her teenage daughter, Samantha McPherson, who is part of the "unpopular" crowd in school.

MCQUEEN, Tyrus Cassius
(Space: Above & Beyond)
c/o The US Marines
58th Platoon
Somewhere in Space
Lt. Colonel Tyrus Cassius "TC" McQueen [nickname "Black Knight"] commands the 58th Platoon, a.k.a. The Wild Cards. His call sign is "Queen Six." TC is a native of Anchorage, Alaska, 38-years-old, and belongs to a race of people called In Vitro because they were artificially gestated [Batch Kappa 9757, Gene Pool 13C.]



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