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MUBOTO, Robert
(What a Country!)
Los Angeles, CA
Robert is the black son of Julius Muboto, an African strongman booted out of his own country and exiled to Burbank where Robert takes citizenship lessons at a Los Angeles night class. As Robert once remarked, "I was descendant of kings, the keeper of tradition and virtue, the Prince of all I envisioned and now...I'm just Bob."

MUIR, Carolyn & Family
(The Ghost & Mrs. Muir)
Gull Cottage
Schooner Bay, ME
Carolyn is a magazine writer. She is a widow and shares her coastal cottage with her two young children, Candice and Jonathan; their pet wire-haired terrier, Scruffy; Martha Grant, the housekeeper; and the ghost of the home’s previous owner, Captain Daniel Gregg, a 19th century sea captain. Carolyn slept in Gregg’s bedroom and Daniel haunted the family hoping they’d leave. Eventually, Carolyn and the Captain developed a genuine friendship.

(M*A*S*H / afterMASH)
c/o The 4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
John Francis Patrick Mulcahy is a chaplain in the US Army [Serial No. RA11295403]. He is stationed at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. He entered the military as a Lieutenant and was later promoted to Captain. John spent his time praying over the wounded soldiers, and raising money for local orphans. Father Mulcahy’s hometown is Philadelphia. His mentor was Fr. Marty "Boom Boom" Gallagher who inspired John to be a chaplain. His sister, Katherine is a nun [Sister Maria Angelica]. His nickname is Dago Red. At the end of the war, John [suffering from hearing loss] returned stateside and took a job as chaplain at General John J. Pershing Veterans Memorial Hospital under the supervision of his former commanding officer Sherman T. Potter.

MULDER, Fox William "Spooky"
(The X-Files)
( 202-555-9355 [later 0199]
Apartment 42
2630 Hegal Place
Alexandria, VA 23242
Mulder is an FBI agent [badge #JTTO47101111]. His partner and best friend is forensic expert Dr. Dana Scully. Together, they investigate the paranormal, a.k.a. "The X-Files." Fox's computer password is TRUSTNO1. Born October 13, 1961 in Chilmark, Massachusetts Fox earned a A.B. in Psychology at Oxford University in 1982 and later trained with the FBI at Quantico in 1984. It was there he earned the nickname "Spooky" from his interest in paranormal events. Mulder likes to snack on sunflower seeds. Fox’s mother, Teena Mulder lives at 2790 Vine Street in Chilmark, Massachusetts [pop. 650]. Fox's father, William Mulder, a former government worker, was assassinated to keep certain information about covert operations from leaking to the public. Fox believed that his younger sister, Samantha was abducted by aliens and this belief motivated his interest in the paranormal and the FBI's "X-Files." Note: The No. 42 (per Mulder's apartment) is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything calculated by super computer Deep Thought in Doug Adams' Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy books.

MULDOON, Officer Francis
(Car 54, Where Are You?)
807 East 175th Street
New York City, NY (Bronx)
Muldoon lives with his mother and sister, Peggy. He works out of the 53rd Precinct on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. His partner is Officer Gunther Toody.

MULLIGAN, Michael & wife Jane
(Mulligan's Stew)
( 555-1631
1202 Circle Drive
Birchfield, CA
Mike is a high school teacher and football coach. He and wife, Jane share their home with their own kids [Melinda, Jimmy, Mark] and their adopted nieces & nephews Polarus "Polly," Starshine "Stevie," Adam "Moose" & Kimmy Nguyen (a Vietnamese orphan).

(Charlie’s Angels)
2740 Ocean Way
Los Angeles, CA
Jill is a private detective for Charles Townsend Investigations. She is single, blond, athletic and a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Academy. Jill was recruited by Charlie Townsend, [whom she’s never seen] to solve crimes along with her colleagues Sabrina Duncan, Kelly Garrett and John Bosley, Charlie’s assistant. When Jill left Charlie to be a race car drive in Europe, her spunky younger sister Kris Munroe [a San Francisco police academy graduate] took her place. Jill and Kris drove a white Cobra II auto.

MUNSTER, Herman & wife, Lily
(The Munsters / The Munsters Today)
( 555-1313
( W6XR-L4 [Ham Radio]
1313 Mockingbird Lane
Mockingbird Heights, USA
Herman is a gravedigger at Gateman, Goodbury and Graves Funeral Parlor. The Munsters shares their spooky gothic home with son Eddy, niece Marilyn, Grandpa Munster, and Spot, a fire-breathing pet dragon who lives under the stairs.

MURDOCK, Buz   See - STILES, Tod

MURDOCK, "Howling Mad"
(The A-Team)
VA Hospital Building #16
Los Angeles, CA
Murdock is a former Vietnam veteran pilot for the Thunderbirds. He now pretends he's crazy [diagnosed with paranoid delusions]to get free room and board at the VA Hospital. On occasion, he escapes his room to help a group of ex-veteran urban vigilantes known as The A-Team. For some strange reason, the one thing that triggers fits of aggression in "Howling Mad" Murdock is the word "Ammonia."

MURPHY, Daedalus Patrick
(Murphy's Law)
3116 Hillside Street
San Francisco, CA
Murphy is an investigator for First Fidelity Insurance. He lives with Kimiko "Kimi" Fannuchi, a beautiful Eurasian model.

MURPHY, Capt. Frank
(Strike Force)
36 Crest Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Frank heads a special unit dedicated to solving the toughest crimes. His support staff includes Det. Paul Strobber, Lt. Charlie Gunzer, Det. Mark Osborn, Det. Rosie Johnson and Deputy Commissioner Herbert Klein. When not tracking mad bombers, rapists and assorted creeps, Frank lives quietly with a dog named Sam.

MURPHY, Father John Michael
(Father Murphy)
Town of Jackson
Dakota Territory (1870s)
John Murphy is a bearded frontiersman who impersonated a priest to keep a group of gold miner's orphans from being handed over to the not-so-caring local county officials, Howard Rodman and Miss Tuttle [who sent orphans to the work house]. John carried out the scam with the assistance of his black friend, Moses Gage and Mae Woodward, a young teacher. When his deception was finally exposed, John married Mae and adopted all the children to keep them together. Will Adams, Lizette Winkler, her brother Ephram Winkler, and Eli, a young black boy were among the two dozen orphans at the Gold Hill School. Murphy had a dog named Mine.

MURRAY (the dog)
(Mad About You)
c/o The Buchman’s
Apartment 11-D
51 Fifth Avenue
[or No. 5 East 12th Street]
New York, NY (Manhattan)
Murray is a seven-year-old mixed Collie breed. He lives with Paul Buchman, a documentary filmmaker and his wife Jamie, a public relations executive. Murray is semi-talented and can flush the toilet; pee in a toilet; drive and park a car; do his ABC’s; understand French; dream in color; and do an impression of Cujo. Murray had a brief acting career doing TV commercials for "Yum Yum Gum," and Subaru as well as a MegaDeath video. According to Paul, his dog is a "rare Flatbush Pound Collie-Shepherd." Although semi-talented, Murray can be a bit dimwitted. He spent an entire day bumping into walls. As Jamie described the situation "The pathetic furry thing. He thinks he's chasing a mouse. He runs around the apartment at 90 miles an hour and then slams into a wall. Run, run, run, THUD!"

(The Adventures of Superboy)
c/o The Fifth Dimension
Mr. Mxyzptlk is an impish little man who lived in the fifth dimension and who was a constant irritation to Superman in the comics and on episodes of The Adventures of Superboy. Lacking excitement in his own homeworld, Mr. M transported himself to the city of Metropolis where he wreaked mischievous havoc on its citizenry. The only one capable of getting the unwanted visitor out of town was Superman, an alien from the planet Krypton who now resided in Metropolis in the guise of Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet. If Superman could fool Mr. Mxyzptlk into saying his name "backwards," (KLTPZYXM) the bratty little alien would have to return to the fifth dimension for 90 days. Because he enjoyed being a pain in the butt, he wasn't about to volunteer the information, so it fell upon Superman to get the job done and send Mr. "M" back to his homeland of ZRFFF and to his parents TLNDSA (father), and FUZASTL (mother). The strange land was ruled by King BPRXZ. Truly, these are names that only a cryptologist could love.

(Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons)
Planet Mars
The Mysterons are the never seen inhabitants of the planet Mars who waged a relentless war against the planet Earth. After mistaking a peaceful exploratory mission to the planet Mars as a prelude to an invasion, the Mysterons declared war. Protecting the Earth from attack was the international peacekeeping force of "Spectrum." The main method of attack used by the Mysterons was Retrometabolism, a process which destroyed an object and then recreated its likeness with a mind and will controlled by the Mysterons. An aborted attempt to kill a member of Spectrum with this process backfired, thus creating Captain Scarlet, a man fate had made...indestructible.

(The Amos and Andy Show)
127th Street and Lenox Avenue
New York City, NY (Harlem)
The members of this black fraternal organization include Amos Jones, Andrew "Andy" Brown (entertainment chairman) and the conniving George Stevens, the lodge's head "Kingfish" who gets his loyal members involved in all sorts of dead end schemes. When he needs support for his scams, he could be heard saying "Holy Mackerel, Andy! We's got to stick together. Remember, we is brothers in the great fraternity, the Mystic Knights of the Sea". Lightnin' is the lodge's slow moving janitor.



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