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NOODLEMAN, Claire  See - VAN HORN, Nina

NORTH, Gerald & wife, Pamela
(Mr. & Mrs. North)
( Gramercy 3-4098 [or 3-8099] or Granwell 3-4370
Apartment 6A
24 Sainte Anne's Place
New York NY (Greenwich Village)
Gerald "Gerry" is a private eye turned publisher. He and his wife, Pamela solve crimes. Their close friend is police Lieutenant Bill Weigand. The North's residence is also given as 23 Saint Anne's Place, Apartment 408.

NORTH, Oscar
(He & She)
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Oscar is a vain, egotistical actor who plays the role of "Jetman," in the live-action network TV series inspired by the successful cartoon strip. Oscar always tried to influence the series scripts that were supervised by Dick Hollister, the creator of the strip.

NORTON, Ed L. & wife, Trixie
(The Honeymooners)
( Bensonhurst 6-0098
328 [or 358 or 728] Chauncey Street
New York, NY (Bensonhurst)
Ed is sewer worker. His middle name is "Lilywhite" after his mother’s maiden name. Trixie is a homemaker. For fun Ed plays pool every Tuesday night, bowls every Thursday night and goes to the Raccoon Lodge on Fridays. He was once elected "Raccoon of the Year." His favorite TV program is Captain Video and the Video Rangers. The Norton's best friends are bus driver Ralph Kramden [a fellow Raccoon whom Ed calls "Ralphie Boy!"] and his wife, Alice [Trixie’s best friend].

NORTON, Russell
(Grace Under Fire)
Victory, MO
Russell is a pharmacist. Recently divorced, he constantly complains how he got royally screwed by his ex-wife’s lawyers. His close friend is Grace Kelly, a single parent with three children. Russell’s father Floyd Norton helps Russell out at the pharmacy.

NOVAK, Det. Sgt. Christine
( R-30-Charles [Mobile Code]
6341 West Beverly Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Chris works with LAPD Sergeant Rick Hunter. She lives with daughter, Allison.

NOVAK, Jessica
(Jessica Novak)
( 555-6676
318 Briarwood Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Jessica is a reporter for "Close-up News" on KLA-TV News, Channel 6.

(Mr. Novak)
Los Angeles, CA
John is an English teacher at Jefferson High School.



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