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(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
c/o The City Sewers
New York City, NY
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a group of crime fighting teenage turtles. They imitate Humphrey Bogart, wear Michael Jordon's number 23 jersey; and use such phrases as "Radical," "Awesome," "Mondo," "Tubular, "No Problemo" and "Bummer." Their favorite catchphrase and battle cry is "Cowabunga." The Ninja Turtles consist of Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo. The Turtles are lead by a large rat called Splinter. Whereas the turtles loved pizza, Splinter enjoyed Sushi. Their arch-enemy is Shredder [a.k.a. Oroku Saki].

TELL, William
Switzerland, Uri Region
William Tell is the historical Swiss freedom fighter who relocated to medieval England with his son Matthew. Governor Gessler is Tell‘s nemesis. Note: The series was called William Tell in England.

TEMPEST, Captain Dan
(The Buccaneers)
West Indies (1720s)
Dan Tempest is a a former pirate who sailed the blue waters of the Caribbean in his ship, The Sultana. His colleagues include Lt. Beamish, the newly appointed British governor of New Providence Island and Captain Dan's crew Taffy, Gaff, Benjy, Van Bruch and Dickon, the cabin boy.

(The Saint)
London & The Continent
Simon Templar is a suave playboy and adventurer who traveled about the European continent helping those in need and stealing from those who could afford to lose it. Keeping an eye on Templar was the ever wary Inspector Claude Teal. Simon calling card sported a stick figure image of a man wearing a halo. As Simon moved about Europe he drove a white Volvo P1800 sports coupe with the license plate ST-1.

(Tennessee Tuxedo)
Megopolis Zoo
Tennessee is a Antarctic penguin. He lives at Megopolis Zoo with his friends Chumley the Walrus. Tennessee wore a collar, bow tie and hat; Chumley sported a hat and necktie. Tennessee's nemesis is zoo keeper Stanley Livingston and his dimwitted helper, Flunky. If Tennessee ever needed guidance, the plucky penguin consulted a local scholar named Phineas J. Whoopee.

In 1823, "under the pressure of the Indian raids, two companies of "men . . . to act as rangers for the common defense" are formed under Stephen F. Austin's authority as empresario. These men are commonly regarded as the first Texas Rangers." In 1874, The Frontier Battalion, composed of six companies of 75 men each - later reduced to 40 men each - is created to range the frontier and uphold the laws and peace of Texas. Their motto: "One Riot, One Ranger" In 1901 The Texas Legislature authorizes the formation of four (4) Ranger companies consisting of a total of 20 men. Their mission is to "protect the frontier against marauding or thieving parties and for the suppression of lawlessness and crime throughout the state."
See the following listing for more Texas Ranger characters:  

, Clay
          PEARSON, Jace;
          REID, John;
          SLAUGHTER, John;
          WALKER, Cordell

(Ladies' Man)
Apartment #306
461 West 46th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

(My Hero)
Apartment #23
Los Angeles, CA
Willis owns the Thackery Realty Company. He is a member of the Ancient & Exhalted Order of the Araby Club.

THATCHER, Drew & wife, Libby
(Life Goes On)
( 555-1967
305 Woodridge Road
Glen Brook, IL
Drew owns the Glen Brook Grill. Libby is an ad agency account executive. They live with their children Paige, Becky & Corky [he has Down syndrome], and later a baby boy, Nicholas James. The family pet is called Arnold, the Semi-Wonder Dog.

THOMAS, Andrea
( 555-3638
Apartment 4A
21306 Baker Place
Larkspur, CA
Andrea is a science teacher imbued with the ancient powers of the goddess Isis.

THOMAS, Jackie
(The Jackie Thomas Show)
Hollywood, CA
Jackie is an egotistical TV actor. Born in Ottumwa, Iowa, he worked his way up the career ladder first as slaughter house worker, then a stand up comic and finally as the star of his own highly rated TV sitcom The Jackie Thomas Show where he plays a wacky married butcher. His TV family included wife, Helen and teenage son, Timmy [played by Jackie’s costars Sophia Ford and Chas Walker]. On the set Jackie is a tyrant and his staff shudders at his boisterous, demanding personality. Jackie’s program is produced through the efforts of Jerry Harper, the head writer; Laura Miller, Jerry’s assistant; staff writers Nancy Mincher, Grant Watson, and Bobby Wynn [Jackie‘s friend from his Iowa days.]; and Doug Talbot, the network liaison. When Jackie leaves the show he drives to his luxurious home located on the beach.

THOMAS, Roger "Raj"
(What's Happening!!)
1147 Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA (near the Northeastern District Police Station)
Roger is a skinny, black teenager with dark-rimmed glasses. Roger lives with his mother Mabel "Mama" and his bratty little sister, Dee. His parents are divorced but his father (who cheated during their marriage) visits the house in times of crisis to help his ex-wife with the children's problems. At shcool, Roger is the editor of the Jefferson High Gazette and dreams of one day becoming a writer. He published his first story "Mr. Beaver Builds a Dam and Saves the Town of Gum Drop Falls" for $35 to Little Miss Muffet magazine. . His friends are Dwayne "Hey! Hey! Hey!" Clemens and Frederick "Rerun" Stubbs. They hangout at Rob's Place, a local hamburger joint that employed a sassy waitress named Shirley Wilson.

Note: On the sequel series What's Happening Now!! Roger is a struggling writer who had written a first novel "The Kremlin Dimension" [sold 25 copies]; "Fateful Harvest" [his second novel published by Ballard Publishing]; "It's Nothing Personal" [a play]; and "The Great Cleveland Jewel Heist" [A movie script]. He lives with his newlywed wife, Nadine and later adopts a run away orphan named Carolyn Williams. Roger's mother had moved to Arizona with her new husband and sold her home to Roger. He still hangouts with friends Dwayne and Rerun and later becomes business partner with Shirley Wilson, when they both buy Rob's Place. See also - TV Character Bios

( KL 1-7811 [Mobile Radio]
Beacon Hill
Boston, MA
Banacek restores antiques. In his spare time, he hires out as an insurance investigator. He charges a 10% finders fees on the worth of whatever he recovers.

THOMPSON, Colonel Casey
(Frontier Circus)
Southwest, USA (late 1800s)
Colonel Casey is the co-owner of the T&T Circus, a band of traveling entertainers who roam the Old West and bring joy into the lives of rural farmers and town folks. His partner is Ben Travis. Their trusty frontier scout is Tony Gentry.

THOMPSON, Don & wife, Debbie
(The Debbie Reynolds Show)
804 Devon Lane
Los Angeles, CA
Don is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles Sun.

THOMPSON, Pete & wife, Ruth
(The Ray Milland Show)
( Lynnhaven -2556
185 Maple Terrace
Lynnhaven, USA
Pete is a real estate agent. He is the next-door neighbor of Ray McNutley.

(Surfside Six)
( Surfside-6
c/o The Fountainbleau Hotel
Miami Beach, FL.
Dave is a private eye. His partners are Ken Madison & Sandy Winfield II. Their headquarters is located in a houseboat in a harbor across from the hotel.

(Then Came You)
Chicago, IL
Billie is a 33-year-old book editor. Unfulfilled, she leaves her lawyer husband, Lewis and takes a suite at local hotel. There she discovers a handsome carefree 22-year-old room service waiter named Aiden Wheeler (who just left his parents) and it is love at first sight. Now Billie must deal with all the problems of the "older woman/younger man" syndrome and try to convince her friend Cheryl and even herself that she is doing the right thing.

THORNTON, Herb & wife, Marge
(Please Don't Eat the Daisies)
230 Circle Avenue
Ridgemont, NY
The Thornton's live next-door to the Nash family.

(The Oregon Trail)
Northwest America (1842)
Evan is a widower from Illinois. He trekked west by wagon train to find a new home in Oregon for his children Andrew, a 17-year-old; William, a twelve-year-old; and Rachael, a seven-year-old. Wagon train passengers included Luther Sprague, a frontier scout; and Margaret Devlin.

(The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
Somewhere on the Globe
T.H.R.U.S.H. is a sinister organization and nemesis of the good guys at the United Networkd Command for Law Enforcement [U.N.C.L.E.]. Note: In 1968 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (which replaced The Man from U.N.C.L.E. program featured a wild party skit on the very first episode with a cameo of Leo G. Carroll as U.N.C.L.E. head, Mr. Waverly. Disguised as a cart-pushing busboy Mr. Waverly whipped out his U.N.C.L.E. pen communicator and said "Mr. Solo, Mr. Kuryakin, come quick. I think I've found T.H.R.U.S.H. headquarters at last!"


(The Man Called X)
Somewhere on the Globe
Ken [a.k.a. "X"] is spy. He performs Cold War missions of daring around the globe for the American government. NOTE: The series was based on real government files and a radio version of the program that aired from 1944-52.



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