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WICK, Nigel
(The Drew Carey Show)
c/o Winfred-Louder Department Store
Cleveland, OH
Mr. Nigel Wick is a pompous, unfeeling store manager from England working at Winfred-Louder Department Store. He lives at #245 on an unnamed suburban street and was once described as a "drug addicted foreigner who likes to be spanked." During his childhood Nigel lived in a coldwater flat in East London with an alcoholic mother. He mused about all the men that visited his mother saying "They all can’t be uncles." When he was sent to boarding school, Nigel was so disliked that his school chums got him a room off campus. Despite his cold-hearted manner, Nigel is frightened of thunder and lightning storms. At work, he delights in firing employees and makes a game out the firing process.

WILBUR, Margaret
(My Two Dads)
627 North Brewster Street
Apartment 3-B
New York City, NY
Margaret is a domestic relations judge. She owns her building and later buys the ground floor diner and renames it the Judge's Court & Cafe.

WILDER, Laura & husband, Almanzo
(Little House: A New Beginning)
Walnut Grove, MN (1890s)
Laura is a schoolteacher. Almanzo is a farmer. Their close friends included Mr. Isaiah Edwards; John Carter, the town blacksmith; Sarah Carter, his wife; their sons Jeb and Jason; Jenny, Almanzo's niece who lived with Laura and Almanzo; and Etta Plum, the new schoolteacher. Laura's family included her parents Charles and Caroline Ingalls [they later moved to Iowa with Laura's younger sisters, Cassie and Grace]; and her older sister, Mary Ingalls-Kendall [she lived in New York City with her lawyer husband Adam Kendall].

WILDER, Ricky & Family
(Camp Wilder)
1115 Fairlawn Avenue
Santa Monica, CA
Ricky is an emergency room nurse. She is 28-years-old, divorced and the mother of a six-year-old daughter, Sophie whom Ricky calls "Pumpkin." When Ricky‘s parent died in a car accident, she became the guardian of her 16-year-old brother, Brody; and 13-year-old sister, Melissa. Ricky used to live in Albuquerque with her now ex-husband Dean. The Wilder household [now dubbed "Camp Wilder"] is a hangout for local neighborhood kids including Brody’s teenage friends Danielle, Beth and Dorfman [who has a crush on Ricky].

Wildside County
Northern California (late 1800s)
The Wildside Chamber of Commerce is a secret vigilante law-enforcement group founded (and answerable to the Governor) to clean up the Northern California frontier territory filled with local gangs and wandering renegades. Members of the group were Brodie Hollister, a rancher known as "The Fastest Gun In the West" with 29 notches on his gun; Bannister Sparks, a bon vivant black explosives expert and card sharp; Vargas De La Cosa, a gunsmith equally handy with a knife; and Prometheus Jones, a huge veterinarian skilled with the lariat.

WILEY, Judge Ben
(Buffalo Bill, Jr.)
Wileyville, USA (late 1800s)
Judge Wiley is a judge and founder of the town of Wileyville. He is the guardian of two adopted waifs Buffalo Bill, Jr. and his sister, Calamity. Together they help tame the Old West.

(Malcolm in the Middle)
12334 Maple Blvd.
Millbrook , USA (Suburbs)
Malcolm is a 12-year-old genius [165 IQ]. He'd rather be a "normal" kid but he is suddenly placed into a class with "gifted" children. He makes the best of the situation by befriending fellow genius Stevie Kernaben, a wheelchair-bound, asthmatic. After school, Malcolm valiantly tries to avoid the pummeling of Spath, the school's bully who is always laying in wait nearby. Malcolm's family included his mother, Lois [she cleans the house topless]; his father, Hal [he's excessively hairy and requires shearing frequently]; and his brothers: Francis, the eldest [he got sent to Marlin Military academy to straighten him out]; Reese, the brother just younger than Malcolm [he punches first and thinks later]; and his youngest brother, Dewey, a cutie described as being "trapped somewhere between toddler and hamster." Malcolm's house may not be the cleanest; and his front yard lawn may not be cut and trimmed like the rest of the neighbors, but at the end of the day Malcolm and his brothers know they are loved despite the family's quirkiness. The one thing that is constant in Malcolm's life - his mother is never fooled by any of his antics. TRIVIA NOTE: The Wilkerson's address was revealed on episode #81 ("Reese's Party"). The family's surname (which the show's writer's like to keep a mystery) was actually revealed on the pilot episode on a name tag worn by Francis. 

WILKES, Julian
The World of the "near future"
Julian is a disabled auto wizard who designed, the Viper, a modified Dodge Viper sports car roadster built for the pursuit and capture of criminals too slippery for ordinary police patrol car chases. The Viper is equipped with computers; armor plating; morphing circuitry that changed the car's color and shape; side mounted firearms that launched rockets, grappling hooks, and netting; and a flying spy camera. To drive this dynamo of a car, Wilkes memory wiped the mind of Mob driver Michael Payton and gave him the alternate personality of Joe Astor. A fast-talking scam artist Frankie Waters who worked for the police motor pool provided Wilkes and Astor with inside information.


WILLIAMS, Danny & wife, Margaret
(Make Room for Daddy)
( Plaza 3-1098
Apartment # 542 [or 131 or 781]
505 East 56th Street
New York City, NY (Manhattan).
Danny is a singer/entertainer at the Copa Club. He resides with his children, Terry and Rusty. When his wife, Margaret dies, Danny marries Kathy, [a.k.a. "Clancey"] who had a little girl named Linda. The Williams originally lived at the Parkside Apartments #1204.

WILLIAMS, Danny & wife, Kathy
(Make Room for Granddaddy)
Apartment #781
505 East 50th Street
New York City, NY

WILLIAMS, Nick & wife, Olivia
(Married People)
Apartment #1 [Ground Floor]
862 Central Park North [at 73rd Street]
New York City, NY (Harlem)
Nick operates a fruit stand called Nick’s Fruits and Vegetables. Olivia is a homemaker. They are African-American and have been married 32 years. Now that their children has grown and moved away Nick and Olivia take advantaged of the gentrification of their neighborhood and rent rooms in their brownstone for $500 a month. Their tenants included Caucasian couples Allen [college freshman] and Cindy [waitress] Campbell; and Russell [freelance writer] and Elizabeth [attorney] Meyers. Looking at Allen Campbell, Nick observed "That‘s the whitest boy I’ve ever seen...he‘s just too white." When Nick wants to get away from his troubles he hangs out at Moory’s Pool Hall.

WILLIAMS, Corporal Carter "Sweet"
(Roll Out!)
c/o The 5050th Trucking Company
Somewhere in France (1940s)
Carter "Sweet" Williams is a black soldier. He is assigned to the Third Army’s 5050th Quartermaster Trucking Company [a.k.a. "The Red Ball Express"], a transportation unit comprised mostly of black GI's who drove supplies to the front lines of WWII France. Williams is one of the best drivers in the unit. His colleagues included Captain Rocco Calvelli, the unit leader, Captain Henry Aldrich, Lt. Robert W. Chapman, Sgt. B. J. Bryant, Sgt. Grease, Private Jed Brooks, "Wheels" Dawson, "Jersey" Hampton, Phone Booth, and High Strung. The truckers took their R&R at a nightclub near the base run by Madam Delacourt.

WILLIS, David & wife, Julie
(Love on a Rooftop)
Rooftop Apartment
1400 McDoogal Street
San Francisco, CA
David is an apprentice architect. His newlywed wife, Julie is an aspiring artist.

(The Magnificent Seven)
Southwest, USA (late 1880s)
Buck is a gunfighter. He belongs to a group of drifters known as The Magnificent Seven." He is cocky, easy-going and loves the women. When ever he starts a new journey he's sure to ask ""There gonna be ladies where you're goin'?"

WILSON, Charlie & wife, Peggy
(Love Thy Neighbor)
327 North Robin Hood Road
Sherwood Forest Estate
San Fernando Valley, CA
Charlie is a shop steward at Turner Electronics.

c/o Ellie and Hal Marshall
636 Carlysle Street
Santa Monica, CA (Westwood)
Grady is retired. He originally lived in Watts in Central L.A. but decided to move in with his daughter, Ellie and his grandchildren, Laurie and Haywood. After a time Grady eventually returns to Watts and takes up residence in the Sanford Arms. See also - SANFORD, Fred

WILSON, Kip & Buffy
(Bosom Buddies)
Apartment 312
c/o The Susan B. Anthony Hotel
New York City, NY (Manhattan)
Kip works in advertising. He assumes the alter ego of Buffy [his sister] to stay in the women's only hotel. His roommate Henry Desmond does likewise [he's Hildegarde]

WILSON, Shirley
(What's Happening!!)
Los Angeles, CA (Northeastern District)
Shirley is an overweight, wisecracking, black waitress. She works at Rob's Place, a local hamburger/soda shop on Second Avenue. Her favorite regulars are three teenagers from Jefferson High School - Roger "Raj" Thomas, Dwayne "Hey! Hey! Hey!" Clemens and Frederick "Rerun" Stubbs. Another person in Shirley's life is a nine-year-old white boy named "Little Earl" who adores Shirley. Shirley's sister Norma lives in Alabama. Their father is Roscoe Wilson. Shirley (a Leo) is always at odds with Rob, the joints owner and once in a while Shirley gets fed up and quits her job, but she always finds her way back to Rob who always rehires her because she is such a good waitress. Shirley worked at Robs Place for 11 years. Shirley once applied to be a secretary for Ace Balloons hoping to improve her lot in life, However, when she discovered they only hired her to meet a minority hiring quota, she quit and returned to Rob' Place. Note: On the sequel 'What’s Happening Now!!!', Roger and Shirley buys Rob's Place (slated for demolition) and become business partners. To market their new business Raj does a TV commercial on Channel 77 dressed as "Mr. Good Chef." Rob's Place also sponsors The Rangers, a local little league team. To supplement her income, Shirley worked for the Los Angeles Gazette as the writer of an advice column called "Dear Al."

WILSON, Wilson Jr.
(Home Improvement)
508 Glenview Road
Detroit, MI [Edgewood/Royal Oaks]
Wilson is the next-door neighbor of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. His face is never fully seen [obscured by a fence or other object]. Born in March, Wilson is a scholar and often shares quotations of famous people while talking to Tim as they stand on either side of their backyard fence [e.g., "I‘m reminded of J. B. Priestley (1894-1984) who said...‘Marriage is like an endless visit in your worst clothes’."]. Wilson has lived an exciting life including a stint as a spy plane pilot in the war, a park ranger, and a semester in Oxford, England where he romanced Jilly Cooper, an English novelist. He attended Greenville School for Boys, Wilson’s catchphrase is "Hi-dee-ho" and "Howdy, Good Neighbor." and "Hi ho, neighborette" [his greeting to Jill Taylor].

WILTON, Cara & Frank Bridges
(The Cara Williams Show)
( 736-8876
6758 Riverdale Lane
Los Angeles, California
Frank is an efficiency expert. Cara is a secretary. They both work for Fenwick Diversified Industries and are secretly married [against company policy].

WIMSEY, Lord Peter
(Masterpiece Theatre)
110 Piccadilly
London, England
Lord Peter is a gentlemen sleuth.

WINCHESTER, Dr. Charles E.
Tent #6 [a.k.a. "The Swamp"]
4077th M*A*S*H Unit
Ouijongbou, Korea (in the 1950s)
Charles Emerson Winchester III is a Major in the US Army [Serial No. US21020980]. He is stationed at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. Raised in a life of privilege, he loathes the military. He graduated top of his class from Harvard Medical School in 1943. To keep sane, he listens to classical music and reads news from home [The Boston Globe] sent to him by his sister, Honoria [she stutters]. Charles’ stateside residence is 30 Briercliff Lane in Boston, MA. His other relatives include brother Timmy, nephew Felix and cousin Alfred and his father Charles Emerson Winchester II.

(Surfside Six)
( Surfside-6
c/o The Fountainbleau Hotel
Miami Beach, FL.
Sandy is a private investigator. His partners are Ken Madison & Dave Thorne. Their mail is directed to a houseboat in the harbor across from the hotel.

(The Drew Carey Show)
c/o Mrs. Louder, Owner
Cleveland, OH
Winfred-Louder is "a ruthless, vindictive company that is virtually above the law."
The store’s staff includes Mr. Gerald Bell [later Nigel Wick], the store manger; his secretary, Mimi Bobeck; Drew Carey, the Assistant Director of Personnel; Chuck the store's security guard; Kate O'Brien, the cosmetic counter clerk; Nora, a secretary; Lisa Robbins, a visual merchandiser and Drew's romantic interest; and Larry Almada, Mrs. Louder's office boy toy. The store's mascots are a talking camel (Winfred) and a bull (Louder) seen in TV commercials. The store was later purchased by a Dutch concern and then to a consortium of black businessmen and again to Lord Mercer, a British businessman and his daughter.

WINGER, Spencer
(Spenser / Under One Roof)
( 555-7588
1901 Sunshine Place
Unnamed City, USA
Spencer lives with his parents [George & Doris] and his sister, Andrea. When his father deserts the family, his mother's parents [Ben & Millie Sprague] move in to help out the family.

(Boston Public)
c/o Principal Steven Harper
Boston, MA
Built in 1928, Winslow High School is a mid-size educational facility in the city of Boston. Its faculty and staff included Steven Harper, the school’s no-nonsense African-American principal; Vice-Principal Scott Guber [nicknamed "The Nazi" by the students]; Lauren Davis, the head of the Social Studies department; Harvey Lipschultz, an 80-year-old history teacher; Milton Buttle, a Shakespeare-loving English teacher; Kevin Riley, the football coach; Marylin Sudor, the music teacher; Harry Senate, a cocky geology teacher; Marla Hendricks, the special-education teacher; and Louisa, the secretary/assistant to the Principal. After a hard day at school the faculty hung out at a local tavern called Doyle’s Irish Pub. A student named Cheryl Holt chronicled the going-ons at Winslow on her controversial website [] that featured animation starring members of the faculty. Like the one where Milton Buttle is ejected from a horse’s behind. The Winslow High School mascot is a snarling bobcat.

WINSLOW, Carl Otis & wife, Harriette
(Family Matters)
( 555-6278
263 Pinehurst Street
Chicago, IL
Carl is a black police sergeant [later Captain] with Chicago Police Department‘s Metro Division, 8th Precinct. His car code is 2-Adam-12. Harriette [née Baines] is a security director for the Chicago Chronicle [formerly an elevator operator]. Carl and Harriette first met at their alma mater Vanderbilt High School where their teenage children Eddie and Laura now attend. The slightly dim Edward "Eddie" James Arthur Winslow is fifteen years-old. Born 1/28/74, he likes to play pool, belongs to the Muskrats basketball team, and eventually follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a cop. Thirteen-year-old Laura is a Muskrat cheerleader, a Vanderbilt High homecoming queen, and the unrequited love of Steve Urkel’s life. He’s her ultra-nerdy, accident-prone next-door neighbor. Other persons in the Winslow household included the youngest child, nine-year-old Judy Winslow; Carl’s cantankerous live-in mother Estelle [a.k.a. "Mother Winslow"]; "3J" the Winslow’s perky eight-year-old foster child whom Steve met in Big Brothers; and Harriette’s widowed 34-year-old sister, Rachel Cochran [later Crawford], a freelance writer turned restaurateur with a small child named Richie.

(Hello, Larry)
( 555-0098
67543 Baker Avenue
Portland, OR
Morgan is the producer at KLOW-AM.

WINSTON, Charles & brother, James
(Between Brothers)
Apt. #305
Chicago, IL
Charles is a black sportswriter for the Chicago Examiner. His brother, James is a real estate broker for Raeburn Realty. Their single buddies and fellow Northside High School alumni Dustin Q. "Dusty" Canyon, a TV weatherman at WEQT, Channel 64 and Mitchell Ford, a history teacher at Walter Payton High School share apartment #93. For good times and beer, the gang hangouts at the Corner Pub where sexy Terri [and later Mitchell’s ditzy sister, May] works as a waitress. The white guy in the mix is cynical friend Stuart Franklin.

(World of Giants)
( 342 [emergency phone code]
Apartment 3B
37 Lynley Drive
Washington, D.C.
Bill is an FBI agent accidentally shrunk to six-inches in height. He lives with fellow agent, Mel Hunter.

WINTERS, Margaret "Maggie" Elaine
(Maggie Winters)
Shelbyville, Indiana
Maggie is in her 30’s and without children. After her dentist husband cheated on her with a hygienist, Maggie left him and Chicago for the familiar comfort of her hometown. She moved in with her mother Estelle until she could get back on her feet and started to get reacquainted with her old friends. They included Robin Foster, now married with three kids; Lisa Harte, a boutique owner; Tom Vanderhulst, a former high school football star who worked as a bartender at Sonny‘s, the local hangout; Bobby Campanella, Maggie’s heartthrob in high school; and Rachel Tomlinson, Maggie’s classmate in high school who offered Maggie a job as an assistant buyer of women’s clothing at Hanley’s Department Store, but not before reveling in the fact that Maggie, once the most popular girl in school [and the first to get breasts], had a failed marriage and had to come crawling home to mommy.

WINTERS, Steven & wife, Felicia
(13 Queens Boulevard)
13 Queens Boulevard
Queens, NY

WISEMAN, Michael & wife, Lisa
(Now and Again)
New York City, NY
Michael is a portly middle-aged insurance salesman. Lisa Schleigelmilch Wiseman is a homemaker. Heather is their teenage daughter [she's smart-mouthed, snide and materialistic but she really loves her parents]. All's well in the Wiseman family until one day Michael accidentally fell (shoved) into the path of an oncoming subway train. Declared dead, Michael's still functioning brain was harvested by a special covert government group and transplanted into an athletically trim genetically bio-engineered twenty-something body [designed to be the ultimate warrior and spy]. When Michael awoke from this trauma, the image in the mirror was quite a shock but not as shocking as what the project coordinator Dr. Theodore Morris told him. For all intents and purposes, Michael was dead. Any attempt at revealing himself to his friends or family would be grounds for all of their immediate termination (like he meant to kill them all, man!). So while his widowed Lisa and daughter Heather coped with life without Dad, Dad was trying his darndest to communicate with them [surreptitiously, of course] and get back to his former life. Caught in the middle of this whole scenario is Michael's wacky but spineless friend Roger Bender, who shivers in the presence of the intimidating Dr. Morris.

WITHERSPOON, Gus & Jessica
(Our House)
( 555-4680 [or 4847]
14 Ashton Street
Los Angeles, CA
Gus is a retired Santa Fe railroad engineer. He shares his tree-shaded Victorian home with his son's widow Jessica "Jessie" [a photographer]; his grandchildren, Kris, David & Molly; and their dog, Arthur. Joe Kaplan is Gus' long-time pal. As a hobby, Gus collects HO scale trains.

(The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
c/o Lou Grant, Newsroom Editor
Minneapolis, MN
Lou supervised assistant producer Mary Richards, copywriter Murray, news anchor Ted Baxter ["Good Night and Good News"] and Morty, the sports announcer. Other station employees include Sue Ann Nivens, the cooking show hostess of "The Happy Homemaker" [who signed off with phrases like "A woman who does a good job in the kitchen is sure to reap her rewards in other parts of the house."]; and Chuckles the Clown the star of the popular children's show "The Chuckles the Clown Show" ["a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pant's."] WJM-TV is owned by Wild Jack Munroe (his Initial make up the station's name)

(WKRP in Cincinnati)
( 555-WKRP
Suite 1412
Ninth Floor
Flimm Building
Cincinnati, OH
WKRP "The Mighty 1530 AM" is a 5000 watt radio station established December 7, 1941. It ranks 16th in a market of 18 radio stations. WKRP’s mascot is a fish [the KRP Carp] and its main rival is WPIG. WKRP [a ‘Top 40’ rock and roll format] is owned by Mama Carlson, a no-nonsense money-oriented business woman whose late husband founded the station. She hired her bumbling son Arthur Carlson as the station manager. On occasion, Mama Carlson shook up the staff with threats of selling the station. In 1982, just as WKRP hit #6 in the ratings, Mama Carlson announced that she planned to switch the station format to news 24 hours a day, but again she declined to sell.

(Family Ties)
( 614-555-6131
c/o Steven Keaton, Station Manager
Columbus, OH
Steven, his wife, Elyse and children Alex, Mallory and Jennifer often volunteered to help during pledge drive weeks. During one such pledge drive a very pregnant Elyse went in to labor while she was performing a song. She delivered her youngest child Andy in Steven’s office. The station’s motto is "W-K-S you’re the one!"

c/o Jimmy James, Station Owner
14th Floor
Creighton Building
1460 Madison Avenue
New York City, NY
His support staff includes news director Dave Nelson; news anchor Bill McNeal; Bill's coanchor Catherine Duke; Matthew, a reporter; Lisa Miller news writer; Beth, the secretary; and Joe, the station engineer.



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