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(The Huckleberry Hound Show)
c/o The Ranger’s Station
Jellystone Park
Yogi Bear is a brown bear with pork pie hat and tie He claimed to "smarter that the average bear." Give him a chance and he'd raid every pic-a-nic basket in Jellystone National Park. His pilfering ways, however, were kept in check by Chief Ranger John Smith and Boo-Boo Bear, Yogi's faithful sidekick who tried to keep Yogi on the straight and narrow by reminding him of the posted park rules. Even so, Yogi's appetite for food forced him to beg or steal morsels from the humans who visited the park. Cindy "I do declare!" Bear is Yogi's girlfriend. Note: In 1997, the syndicated daytime talk show The Rosie O’Donnell Show had a cute "Kid's Are Punny" joke about Yogi. It went "Why didn't they make a second Yogi Bear? Well, they tried but they made a Boo-Boo."

(Warner Brothers Cartoons)
Sam is a pint-sized six-gun wielding, hot-tempered gunslinger in an oversized hat. He has bushy eyebrows, a bulbous nose and a long droopy red mustache. His nemesis is Bugs Rabbit whom Sam would address with such phrases as "Ya better say yer prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint! Ah'm a gonna blow ya to smithereenies!" and "Ah hates rabbits". Note: Yosemite Sam first appeared in the cartoons Diving Hare (1949), Bunker Hill Bunny (1950) among other cartoons.

YOUNG, Douglas & wife, Tracy
(The Trouble With Tracy)
( Plaza 9 - 3132
3110 Crescent Street
Toronto, Canada
Doug works for the advertising firm of Hutton, Dutton & Norris.

(The Untouchables)
Chicago, IL (c. 1930s)
William Youngfellow is a full-blooded Cherokee Indian working with the elite squad of undercover federal policemen (U.S. Treasury Dept) known as "The Untouchables." Working with the legendary crime fighter Eliot Ness, Agent Youngfellow busted organized crime syndicates in 1930s Chicago.



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