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Bacardi & ColaBacardi Buy & Cola -  Two lame, macho guys (one white and one black) who party down on yachts and night clubs in a series of commercials produced to sell more Bacardi Rum products. In essence, B&C are the personification of the light and dark mixture that goes into the Barcardi Rum and Cola drink. Introduced in 2003, the Bacardi & Cola characters are reminiscent of the white and black cop duo from the TV show MIAMI VICE (Crockett and Tubbs). Bacardi and Cola basically just stand around with a drink in their hand and interact with the hot chicks who happen to wander by

In one silly ad spot aboard a yacht ("Time to Come Clean"), a gorgeous blonde rushes up to B&C and cries "Bacardi Guy! Cola! Help! I spilled something on my dress!" The ever-cool Cola guy quickly suggests "a splash of club soda get that out!" Nonchalantly, Bacardi picks up a decanter of seltzer and sprays club soda all over her body.

The scene shifts to slow-motion as the young woman's dress is drenched to the skin and her mouth opens wide in ecstasy. Then the slow-motion sequence stops and the girl exuberantly shouts "Great! Let's Dance!" Nearby, another envious woman says "I'm dirty, too!" Cola, of course, responds, "Who's dirty?" The tagline for the ad spots proclaim "Bacardi & Cola. They get the job done!"

The initial ad for the B&C campaign proclaimed "Premiering this Fall" and showed scenes of two guys living the good life and performing karate chop moves. The ad lead the viewers to believe that maybe there was a new private eye TV series debuting in the fall starring a bi-racial duo dubbed "Bacardi and Cola."

"Totally Busted" ad spot is set in a penthouse party. B&C are talking to two fine young ladies when they are approached by a ditzy but gorgeous strawberry blonde with a plunging neckline.
Girl: Hey, Barcardi Guy. Cola.
Cola: Oh, hey...Ahhh??
Girl: Don't you remember my name?
Bacardi: Sure we do...Anne? Karen?
Cola: Erin? Sarah? Kimberly?
Bacardi: Julie? Mindy? Laticia?
Cola: Pearl? Veronica? Tammy?
Girl: [slow on the uptake] Veronica. Yeah. You *do* remember. You guys look hot!
Bacardi: Yeah.


"Bacardi & Cola. They get the job done!"

"When the day turns to night. They get the job done"

Lyrics to B&C Theme Song
(Female singers)

Come on!
It's time to get down to business.
The men are in town, yeah
Bacardi & Cola they will always come through, ya.
If they are around. Oh!
If they don't save the day they'll paint the night. Come On!
Bacardi & Cola. Yeah!

TRIVIA NOTE:  The Bacardi Rum and Cola drink originated in 1898 when the two flavors were mixed together to celebrate Cuban Independence. It is best served chilled with a slice of lime.

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