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What's in YOUR wallet?Capital One Barbarians - Band of ferocious barbarians who appear out of nowhere to attack people using credit cards with high interest rates. Of course, when someone in the commercial pulls out a Capital One card, the barbarian horde is stopped dead in its tracks. Why? Because, as the advertisers want you to believe, Capital One (the No. 5 credit card issuer) offers the lowest interest rates around.

The barbarians - who are dressed in furs, chains and swinging medieval weapons of destruction - are just a symbolic representation of the pain and tribulation that a credit card user feels when they have to pay high interest rates.

In one commercial, a couple at a shopping mall discuss what credit card to use to buy a product. This simple dialog sets into motion a rush of crazed barbarians who determinedly advance on the unsuspecting consumers. As the barbarians make their way through the mall, they wreak havoc and pillage along the way. But, just as the barbarians are about to pounce on the couple, one of them decides to use a Capital One credit card and the entire army of hooligans cease their conquering ways.

In another spot, a man with a competitor's card is physically shot upward by a catapult operated by barbarians. The catchphrase used on all these commercials spots is the intrusive question "What's in YOUR wallet?"

During a follow-up campaign, the barbarians have been put out of work because so many consumers are choosing to use Capital One credit cards. Now, the formerly ferocious fighters (stilled dressed in their fighting garb) are forced to take other jobs like waiters, dog walkers, or paramedics to support themselves in these uncertain times. How'd you like to get mouth-to-mouth from a foul smelling Viking warrior with bad teeth?
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