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Capital One AngelCapital One Angel - Portly male angel sporting a pair of fluffy white wings, a white T-shirt and unshaven facial hair featured on a series of TV spots for CAPITAL ONE credit card. Sad to say, the absent-minded Capital One angel never pays attention to his charges safety except when it comes to what credit card to use, namely Capital One. The rest of the time, this angel is worthless.

For instance, in one commercial, the alleged "guardian" angel follows his female charge about town as she performs her daily jogging routine. Unable to keep up with the women, the out of breath and out of condition Capital One angel leans against a tree, just as a trash truck backs out of an alley way and plows into the female jogger.

Capital One Angel Our of Breath

Later, the delivery man throws a newspaper at the woman's house as she is watering her plants. But does the Capital One angel warn his charge? No, he ducks and lets the paper hit the female square in side of the head - OUCH!

And finally, when the woman take a trip to her local health spa to get a tan, the tanning unit's electrical switch shorts out. But does the guardian angel come to her rescue. NOT. He is asleep - snoring in the corner.

Capital One Angel Snoring

Oh, but when the female - now with a very burnt red face - tries to pay her bill at the health club, Mr. Angel jumps in to remind the woman to use Capital One. "No! Use your Capital One no hassle card. I am SO there for you!", he proclaims.

Capital One Angel to the Rescue

Capital One Angel Fails Again to Save His Charge
Inattentive Angel neglects his duties as his female
charge dangles from a broken wine rack behind him.

Christian D'Andrea, an Ad industry watcher says that these 'extreme ads' - like the Capital one ads - are designed to basically to catch your attention and prevent you from "fast forwarding them on your TiVo." Although this brand of in-your-face physical humor results in damage to body and property, it is now a common format used by many companies to keep their viewers focused on the advertisers products.

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