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Clara Peller - Where's the Beef!Clara Peller - Gray-haired, four-foot, eleven-inch octogenarian spokeswoman for Wendy's (a hamburgers fast food restaurant) seen nationwide in 1984-85 in a series of popular commercials created by the Dancer, Fitzgerald and Sample Ad Agency. Senior citizen actress Clara Peller played a crusty old lady who slapped the counters of neighborhood hamburger joints and loudly asked the probing question "Where's the Beef!", which implied that the only place in town where Ms. Peller could get a hamburger with an ample portion of "beef" was at Wendy's.

This catch phrase was soon echoed by millions in all sorts of jokes, and merchandising endeavors including T-shirts and underwear. Walter Mondale even used the phrase "Where's the Beef!" in his 1984 presidential run against his rival Gary Hart.

That same year Clara repeated her signature refrain on a 45 record called "Where' the Beef" performed and composed by Coyote McCloud (custom pressed by Wendy's under the Awesome Record label).

Unfortunately, when Clara appeared in a Prego Plus Spaghetti sauce commercial saying "I found it!" Wendy's fired her saying "Clara can find the beef only in one place, and that is Wendy's"

Two years later, Clara Peller, former manicurist turned TV celebrity, died at the age of 86. See also "Dave Thomas"

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