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The Fantanas - Capri, Lola, Sophia and KikiThe Fantanas - Four gorgeous multi-ethnic babes in bold-colored hot pants outfits who "extol the vibrancy and spontaneity" of Fanta fruit-flavored beverages (Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple, Peach, Citrus, Apple, Black cherry and Orange). In the commercials, the Fantanas sing the catchy, repetitive jingle “Wanta Fanta, Don’t you Wanta, Wanta Fanta, Don’t you Wanta?” In addition, as they visit various locales, the Fantanas chant phrases like:

  • “Checking in can take its toll, Check out Fanta, nice and cold.” [to a hotel bellhop]
  • “Waiting for your chance to scream, Fanta helps you beat the steam!” [to people on a rollercoaster]
  • “Spinning, spinning getting dizzy, You need something cold and fizzy.” [to people in a Laundromat]
  • “You look hot in all that plaster, Drink some Fanta, faster, faster!” [to a hospital patient]

The Fantana Girls consist of : Capri, Sophia, Lola and Kiki. Stylish Capri wears red and loves to drink Strawberry Fanta. Dancing Sophia dresses in Purple and loves Grape. Ingenious blonde Lola wears yellow and loves Pineapple. And, charismatic Kiki, a beautiful black female with long raven tresses wears orange and loves to drink orange Fanta. The Fantanas live on Fantana Island, a small lush green Caribbean paradise located in the Archipelago of Fant.

According to their website "Whenever people are bored, hot and not having any fun, that's when the Fantanas come to the rescue with their cool fruitiness and Fanta-tastical flavors."

The Fantanas - Capri, Lola, Sophia and Kiki

How were they Fantanas discovered?
Amazingly, they were found by accident. Entertainment mogul Sir Rupert Geraty-Hernandez came upon them when his yacht (Los Divertismos) was beached on Fantana Island by a sleepy skipper. Dazed and dehydrated, Sir Rupert and crew stumbled onto a small village where people where laughing and happy and full of fun. Astonished and refreshed, the crew was hesitant to leave, but once they did, they could never forget this magical place and its inhabitants.

How did Fanta become connected with the girls?
Yet another amazing coincidence. Upon his return, Sir Rupert happened upon an old friend, a Fanta marketing executive, at dinner in New York at Café Larissa. Over the din of the restaurant, Sir Douglas shared his extraordinary experiences on Fantana Island. The Fanta executive immediately contacted the Fanta advertising agency, who convinced four inhabitants of Fantana Island, Capri, Lola, Sophia and Tonya (later Kiki) to come to the US and share the fun.

The Fantanas - Nina, Calli, Leelee, and Raquel

TRIVIA NOTE: Created by the New York-based Ogilvy and Mather ad agency, the Fantanas were introduced in June 2002. The original batch of Fantana girls were played by K.D. Aubert (strawberry-swigging Nina), Jenniffer Diaz (orange-gulping Calli), Adrienne Janic (pineapple-chugging LeeLee) and Andrea Oliveira (grape-guzzling Raquel). The latest Fantanas girls (Capri, Sophia, Lola and Kiki) debuted in March 2004.  As of 2006, the group is composed of Sophia (Grape), Aime (Orange), Mimi (Pineapple), and Kaia (Strawberry).

The New Fantanas - Summer, Isabella and Melody

In 2009, a new batch of Fantana Gals returned to represent the fruity soft drink, namely Summer (Orange), Isabela (Strawberry), Melody (Grape) and fourth Fanta will represent Pineapple. She will be chosen by a panel of judges from July to September. So stay tune.

"Fanta" and "The Fantanas" are registered trademarks of the Coca-Cola Company. The name of the beverage is based on the German word fantasie—Fanta. The first Fanta flavor was orange. It was introduced in 1955. Fanta was sold in the United States until 1986, when Coca-Cola decided instead to promote Minute Maid as its main fruit-flavored soft drink. Fanta is sold in 188 countries, and often has flavor profiles designed for specific countries and markets. For example, in Saudi Arabia, it is sold in a black currant flavor; in China, it comes in lychee flavor. See also - "The Swedish Bikini Team"

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