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Happy Hotpoint - The three-inch tall dancing pixie who advertised Hotpoint appliances during commercial segments on the ABC sitcom THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET beginning in 1955.

Happy Hotpoint

Wearing a heavy corset, makeup and costumed in a head-to-toe gray leotard, a very young Mary Tyler Moore (just out of high school) made her acting debut as Happy Hotpoint, a tiny pixie with a blonde curl at the forehead.

Happy Hotpoint was superimposed skating on an ice-cube tray or leaping out of an oven piping such phrases as "Hi! Harriet, Aren't you glad you bought a Hotpoint?" and "Everyday's a holiday with Hotpoint."

Mary Tyler Moore earned about $6,000 for filming 39 Happy Hotpoint TV spots (in five days) but later was unable to continue in the role of the slender little sprite when she became pregnant.

Moore recalled in her biography After All (Dell Publishing, 1995 p.81-82):

"Fitting into Happy's elf costume for the next block of commercials proved to be a challenge. I was now three months pregnant and my breasts reflected that fact. I remember the pain of that neutering bra to this day (a bandeau, a sort of bra without cups). I looked a bit egg shaped, but we got away with Happy's little secret for that group of ads. The elf bit the dust afterwards, though. The sponsor couldn't stop showing the character for the duration of my pregnancy and then bring her "it" – back again. So off she – "it" – went. TV history."

Happy Hotpoint Hand Puppet

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