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Jarod S. Fogle from SubwayJared From Subway - Jared S. Fogle was an average overweight guy who decided to lose weight by creating a 1000 calorie-a-day diet that consisted of mainly Subway® sandwiches. Originally 425 pounds, Jared, a 6' 2" 20-year-old Indiana University college student, frequented a Subway sandwich shop next to his apartment building in Bloomington, Indiana and ate Subway sandwiches twice a day for almost a year beginning March 1998. His daily menu consisted of a breakfast of only coffee, 6" turkey sub and a bag of Baked Lays® chips for lunch and a 12" veggie sub for dinner, with extra veggies and no cheese, oil or mayo. And lots of diet drinks. He loaded his sandwiches with tons of lettuce, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, and pickles, topped with a bit of spicy mustard.

As Jared began to lose weight, he introduced a regimen of walking exercises into his diet (1.5 miles a day) and eventually dropped 245 pounds. His size 60 waist shrunk to a 34.

The story of how Jared lost his weight caught the attention of a college newspaper, got published in April 1999 and was picked up by The Associated Press and ended up in Men's Health magazine. Eventually, the Subway Corporation hired him for a series of successful commercial spots that touted their "Low Fat Choices. Seven Under 6 Grams of Fat™" sandwich line. Jared soon became a minor celebrity and appeared on TV talk shows as well as in an article in USA Today.

Jared's story has motivated many to lose weight. Subway even included 5 of these successful dieters in their "Friends of Jared" ads. Ironically, the Connecticut-based Subway Corporation doesn't officially endorse the "Jared diet" and their company's dietitian advises "a balanced breakfast and more fruits and vegetables."

Graduating with a degree in Management and International Business, Jarod established his own company (Jared Fogle Inc.) Subway now hires him for commercials and promotional appearances nationwide.

In October 2001, Jared married his sweetheart, Elizabeth Christie and reportedly continues to maintain his weight loss by eating a normal diet of about 2,400 calories a day.

Soon after their marriage, The Fogle's domestic life was featured in a Subway commercial where Jared and his new bride attended to such household duties as cutting the lawn, cleaning out gutters, etc. And where did Jared go for a meal after a hard days work?...Subway, of course.

In 2003, Sheetz one of the top convenience store retailers in the nation ("Not Fast Food. Better food. Fast.") produced a commercial about an anonymous man who takes a room at a local motel, sits on the bed and then begins to eat a very large submarine sandwich. Playing in the background are the musical lyrics of Luther Ingram's Soul song "If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right." Outside the motel room we see a car and the license plate number JARED-1 (implying that Jarod Fogle of Subway fame had been tempted to try one of Sheetz's sandwich products).

TRIVIA NOTE: In 2015, Jared Fogle, who was fired as spokeperson for Subway sandwiches, pled guilty to sex-with-minor charges after the FBI raided Fogle's home in July, reportedly as part of a child pornography probe.

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