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Lucky Charms Box from the late 1970sLucky the Leprechaun - General Mills cereal mascot for its magically delicious breakfast treat Lucky Charms. The cereal comes in the bite-sized shapes of hearts, moons, stars, clovers, and diamonds.

In the commercials, Lucky (voiced by Arthur Anderson) is chased by children who want to taste the wonderfully sweet flavor of his cereal.

Over the years, General Mills had dropped many of the original Lucky charms shapes. In fact, the only marshmallow that has survived since the beginning is the pink heart.

Today's Lucky Charms shapes included pink hearts, purple horseshoes, red balloons, blue moons, orange and white five pointed shooting stars, yellow and orange pots of gold, pink yellow and blue rainbows and two-tone green Lucky's hats (complete with a clover in reach one).

According to a cereal personality test given at the Planet Wally website,  people who prefer this cereal usually become accountants, Internal Revenue Service auditors, librarians who work at the reference desk, or low lever government bureaucrats that stagnate in a dead end position.

On August 28, 2000, John Holahan, 83, a former General Mills vice president ( who created Lucky Charms cereal), and his wife, Rosalind, 84, apparently ran a stop sign and steered into a truck's path on Wednesday, and were killed in a traffic accident while on their way to visit their comatose daughter Shannon Kilhenny, 51, who died two days later of liver cancer. John Holahan enjoyed sharing the story of Lucky Charms - toasted oat cereal with marshmallow bits - with students in his hometown of Annandale. He recalled stumbling upon orange marshmallow peanuts while brainstorming in 1963, cutting them up and then sprinkling them over Cheerios.

TRIVIA NOTE: In Irish folklore, Leprechauns are fairy cobblers, who make shoes for elves. Dressed in green, with a red cap, leather apron, and buckled shoes. Leprechauns possess a pot of gold which is coveted by humans. The gold can be had if a human can catch a leprechaun and keep his eyes on him the whole time. If the person is distracted for just an instant, the Leprechaun vanishes along with any hopes of quick fortune in gold. The word Leprechaun is derived from the Gaelic luacharma'n, "pygmy"; or leith brogan "maker of one shoe".

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