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Jane Goodspeed as TV's Mabel the WatressMabel the Waitress - During the 1950s Carling Black Label featured an attractive blond beer toting waitress named Mabel in a series of animated Carling Black Label beer commercials. When a customer wanted a beer they cried "Hey, Mabel!, Black Label!" Mabel the bartendress rarely spoke in the commercials but at the end of each spot she gave the TV viewers a friendly wink. The campaign was created by Lang, Fisher, & Stashower in the 1940s. Their ad jingle was written by Phil Davis.

Actress Jean Goodspeed, a New York actress and model portrayed Mabel beginning in 1951. However, in the mid-1950s, Goodspeed ended her career to become a mother and Carling Black Label folks decided to animate the Mabel character but also thought it wise to insert images of the original Mabel (Goodspeed) for good measure. The ads ran successfully for twenty years.

Finally, in 1970, a new actress was cast in the role, but soon after, the Mabel character faded into advertising history.

The Carling Black Label slogan in the 1940s was "Pass Up 'Ladies Beer'....Be A Man About It, Drink Stag!" The "Mabel, Black Label" slogan was coined in 1951.

Mabel, the Carling Black Label Waitress - Print Ad

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