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Maypo CerealMarky Maypo - In 1956, the Fletcher, Richards, Calkins & Holden Advertising Agency created a successful Maypo ad campaign entitled "Marky Maypo" about the frustrations of a father trying to get his young son Marky (who was dressed in a cowboy costume) to eat a new maple-flavored oatmeal breakfast food called Maypo. After a few tries to get his son to eat Maypo the father said "Tell you what, I'll be an airplane, you be the hangar. Open the doors, here it comes (Whrrrrrrrr!) loaded with delicious (Whrrrrrrr!) maple-flavored (Whrrrrrrr!) Maypo!" Just as the spoon reaches the boy's mouth, he snaps it shut. Frustrated, the father accidentally puts the spoonful of Maypo in his mouth, and immediately his young son cried "I want my MAYPO!" Marky Maypo made his debut on New York and New England television stations in September 1956.

In 1958, the Brian & Houston ad agency made a follow-up commercial where Marky was robbed of his cowboy hat and his favorite cereal by his Uncle Ralphie. In frustration, he wailed "I want my Maypo!"

A sequel commercial entitled "Marky's Horse," had the little cowboy jump onto the snoring pot belly of Uncle Ralphie. Marky then rode his uncle's tummy like a bronco until he got some Maypo.

The voice of Marky was provided by Mark Hubley, the four-year-old son of John and Faith Hubley, the animators of these now classic B/W commercial spots. John Hubley contributed to the "flat" UPA animation style used on such cartoons as "Mister Magoo." In 1951, Hubley worked on the Academy Award animated short Gerald McBoing Boing.

The Maypo Company recruited popular sports figures for their INSTANT MAYPO CEREAL. The ad spots featured Gil Hodges who orders Tom Seaver to go in and pitch and he cries "I want my Maypo"; as well as Mickey Mantle , too,. who cries "I want my Maypo!"

TRIVIA NOTE: The Maypo Cereal brand was developed in 1953 by the Maltex Corporation in Burlington, Vermont. Over the years, the brand has been purchased or associated with a variety of companies: Hueblein, Inc in 1956, the Uhlmann Company in the1960s, American Home Foods in 1988, International Home Foods in 1996, ConAgra in 2000, and Homestat Farms, Ltd in 2001 (the current owners).

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