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JoeMr. Coffee - Joe DiMaggio, the former Yankee baseball superstar and husband of Marilyn Monroe took on the task of becoming the spokesperson for the Mr. Coffee easy brew coffee machines in the 1970s. For his efforts, he earned the nickname of Mr. Coffee. Although loved my millions for his days in baseball, many of Joe's fans thought it undignified that Mr. Baseball ("Joltin Joe") had chosen to pitch commercial products for Mr. Coffee TV and Print ads.

"Prior to Mr. Coffee the favorite way of drinking coffee was through the percolator. It perked up the stem and would recycle the coffee over the grounds again and again. It was really an outmoded way of making coffee."

   -- Vincent Marotta

Cleveland inventor, Vincent Marotta created the Mr. Coffee product line. In 1973, he contacted retired sports legend, Joe Dimaggio and asked him to be spokesman for the fledgling company. Initially, Joe declined the offer so Marotta traveled to San Francisco and met with Joe for lunch at the Fairmont Hotel. After an ambitious sales pitch, Dimaggio decided to become "Mr. Coffee." His association with the product lasted for 15 years. Joe DiMaggio died on March 8, 1999.

Mr. Coffee Machine

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