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The Noid - A rubbery-faced super-villain with long droopy ears who constantly interfered with the quality and speedy delivery of Domino's Pizzas on a series of successful TV commercials produced during the 1980s and 1990s.

The Noid - Domino's Pizza

The gremlin-like "Noid" dressed in a red skin-tight costume and communicated through a series of giggles and grrr's. The Pizza prankster was guilty of freezing Domino Pizza with a wizard's wand, crushing it with his jackhammer, blowing it to smithereens with his Noid-bomb, or punching it with his boxing gloves.

The Noid's zany antics were based on a thirty-seven-year-old actor named Pons Maar who posed for the animators (he jumped up and down and acted crazy for the cameras) and supplied the voice for the zany Claymation creature.

The Noid was created in the Will Vinton Studios which also created the California Raisins. The Noid ad campaign was the invention of Group 243 Inc., an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based ad agency.

TRIVIA NOTE: A man named Kenneth Lamar Noid, apparently became upset with Domino Pizza's "Avoid the Noid" TV spots and allegedly held two Domino's Pizza employees hostage in Chamblee, Georgia. He was charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, extortion and possession of a firearm during a crime (Advertising Age 2/6/89).

The Noid attacks Mayor Adam West's pizza - THE FAMILY GUY

On the episode "Deep Throats"  (4/9/2006) of the Fox animated series THE FAMILY GUY, Quahog's Mayor (Adam West) is attacked by the Noid who tries to destroy the Mayor's pizza lunch. Before the Noid can escape, the Mayor chases the giggling Noid about the office, slams his body into the wall and then kills the Noid by snapping his neck. The Mayor then calmly says, " Perhaps, it was the Noid who should have avoided me." See also - California Raisins

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