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Carlos Montalban as El ExigenteEl Exigente - The name of the choosy Colombian coffee buyer who appeared in a series of TV commercials for Savarin Coffee Company in the 1960s and 1970s. Carlos Montalbán (brother of actor Ricardo Montalbán) played the role El Exigente - "The Demanding One." When El Exigente sat down to test taste a cup of coffee, all the local villagers crowded around him in anticipation of his opinion. If he smiled, the entire community rejoiced, for El Exigente only chooses those coffee beans that are deemed to be of the finest quality (the "coffee-er coffee").

 Born in Mexico June 5, 1903 Carlos Montalbán died of heart failure in New York City on March 28, 1991. You may remember Carlos Montalbán from his role as General Emilio M. Vargas in the sci-fi spoof Bananas (1971) starring Woody Allen.

TRIVIA NOTE: In the late 1960s, Fania Records cut an LP album entitled Orchestra Harlow: Exigente (1967), with a psychedelic sleeve design and music (pre-Salsa Latin) by Larry Harlow and vocals by Ismael Miranda, Jr. Songs on the album included "El Exigente" (the title cut), "Las Luzes," "Rhumba Me Llaman," "El Mejor," "Mess Around," "Groovin' to the Afro Twist," "That Groovy Shingaling," "Freak Off" and "Be Free." See also - Juan Valdez

Savarin Coffee
 "El Exigente" on Can of Savarin Coffee

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