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Miles ThirstMiles Thirst -  Pint-sized pitchman (doll) with a boisterous hip-hop attitude (like comedian Chris Rock) who appeared on a series of Sprite ad spots that began airing nationally on TV and radio in 2004. Reminiscent of 1970s martial arts legend Jim Kelly and Clarence Williams III Lincoln "Linc" Hayes) from the 1960s cop show MOD SQUAD, Mile Thirst is ever cool as he wears sunglasses, gold chains and appropriately styled clothes - from baggy jeans to fancy fur-trimmed coats. Thirst, (a.k.a. "The Sprite Guy") concludes each commercial by shouting "Show 'em my motto" ("mah mah-toe"). The motto, of course, is "Obey Your Thirst," the longstanding ad slogan for the thirst-quenching lemon-lime soft drink Sprite, a Coca-Cola product.

The Miles Thirst campaign was created by WPP Group's Ogilvy & Mather of New York. It debuted in the spring of 2004. In his first commercials, Miles hangs out with his friends on a city stoop on a hot summer day and watches two attractive young women stroll by; tours NBA rookie star LeBron James crib (apartment) and encounters the wonders a Sprite vending machine; in the kitchen; and goes to a movie theater and happily shares his Sprite with two women who occupy the seats on either side of him.

Miles Thirst - Soda Machine

Miles Thirst

Miles overshadowed by a Sprite soda machine Miles sharing his Sprite with two lovely ladies

Later spots in 2005 had Miles race through a crowded room in an attempt to snatch the last Sprite soda left at a party; and battle a group of Asian martial arts fighters. In that spot, he wears a green kung-fu outfit and strikes a defensive pose as he warns his attackers "Don't mess with a brother's Sprite." Quickly, Miles kicks his opponents butts and then tells them "All you had to do was ask." Of course, Miles ends the spot with his signature catchphrase "Show 'em my motto."

In a USA Today (4/26/2004) interview with Theresa Howard actor Reno Wilson (Lt. Tom Selway on ABC's BLIND JUSTICE) who provides to the voice to Miles Thirst said Miles "got the afro going and the glasses going, and he's got a little flavor and fashion sense. I immediately understood who this dude was. If you were 10 inches tall, you would have a loud voice because you're always talking up to people and trying to get noticed." Another reviewer, described the Miles Thirst campaign a "one of those ads where you either love 'em or hate 'em."

Miles Thirst

Miles Thirst

Miles Thirst's casual and hip fashions

In 2005, MSN and Sprite joined forces to launch "The Scenario"
 (, an online entertainment experience designed for teens and hosted by Miles Thirst. The site featured Miles Thirst who recommends the latest music from top DJs around the country like Big Tigger, DJ Spooky and Tony Touch; and gives visitors the ability to connect with each other via MSN Messenger.

In the summer of 2005, Miles Thirst participated in Spike TV's "Tricked Out Ride Sweepstake" with Jessi Combs of Spike TV's Extreme 4x4. The winner received tricked out Honda Civic. Miles also appeared at the NBA All-Star weekend and has been a guest VJ on MTV.

TRIVIA NOTE: The actual Miles Thirst character is an 10-inch vinyl doll (action-figure) equipped with detachable arms, legs and heads with different facial expressions to create about 30 different poses. The popularity of the Miles Thirst doll has created a demand from the public to own their very own Miles Thirst doll.

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