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 Advertising Slogans

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Company / Product Slogans
Fab Detergent "Oh Fab, I'm glad they put real borax in you."
Federal Express "When it absolutely, positively has to be there
 overnight." (Ally & Gargano, 1982)
"When there's no tomorrow."
Fleishman's "Fleishman's makes sensible eating delicious."
Florida Citrus Commission "A Day Without Orange Juice is Like a Day
 Without Sunshine."
Fluffernutter "Oh you need fluff, fluff, fluff to make
 a fluffer nutter,
 Marshmallow fluff and lots of peanut butter.
 First you spread, spread, spread your bread
 with peanut butter,
 Add marshmallow fluff and have a fluffernutter.
 When you enjoy, joy, joy your fluff
 and peanut butter,
 You're glad you have enough for another
 fluffernutter. "  (Jingle)
Folger's Coffee  "Mountain Grown...It's the richest kind"
 (voice of Virginia Christine as Mrs. Olsen)
"The best part of waking up, is Folger's
 in your cup"
"We've replaced their regular coffee with
 Folger's Crystals. Let's see if they notice!"
Ford  "Built Ford tough!"
"Everything We Do is Driven By You."
"Ford has a better idea."
"Have you driven a Ford lately"
"Quality is Job 1."
"There's a Ford in your Future."
 (J. Walter Thompson Company)
Foster Grant "Who's that behind those Foster Grants?"
 (Geer, Dubois, 1965)
Froot Loops Cereal "Oot-fray, Oops-lay!" 
"Follow my nose it always knows"
 (Spoken by Toucan Sam)
Frito Lay  Aye, yii, yii, yiiii,
I am the Frito Bandito.
I like Frito's Corn Chips,
I love them I do.
I want Frito's Corn Chips,
I'll get them from you.
Aye, yii, yii, yiiii,
Oh, I am the Frito Bandito.
Give me Frito Corn chips
And I'll be your friend.
The Frito Bandito
You must not offend.
The Frito Bandito Ad Lyrics from the late 1960s
"Munch, munch, munch a bunch
 of Frito's - Corn Chips!"
"Fun for the Fun of It"
FTD (Interflora)
"Say it with flowers" (FTD, 1917)

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