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Advertising Endorsements
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Endorsed Product

Namath, Joe

Beautymist Panty Hose
Neuwirth, Bebe M&M Candies

Norwood, Brandy

Cover Girl


O'Donnell, Rosie
(with Penny Marshall)
Orbison, Roy Coca-Cola
O'Neal, Shaquille Pepsi-Cola, Taco Bell, Burger King, Radio Shack ("Radio Shaq")


Palmer, Arnold Orange Juice Campaign ('It's not just for breakfast anymore"), Penzoil
Peller, Clara Wendy's ("Where's the Beef!")
Perrette, Pauley Expedia
Peters, Bernadette Ocean Spray
Peterson, Cassandra (a.k.a. Elvira) Coors Beer Halloween Commercials
Philbin, Regis Carnival Cruises, Earthgrains Bagels
Piazza, Mike 10-10-220 (Discount Long Distance Phone Service)
Potts, Annie Pop Secret Popcorn
Powell, Jane Polident
Presley, Elvis Southern Maid Doughnuts
Presley, Priscilla Crystal Light
Pressly, Jamie 1-800-COLLECT (as "Angel")
Price, Vincent The Milk Industry


Randall, Tony Easy-Off Oven Pad
Raye, Martha Super Polident (Dentures)
Reese, Mason
(Child Actor)
Underwood Ham ("It's like a borgasmord")
Reinhold, Judge Doritos
Retton, Mary Lou Energizer Batteries
Reynolds, Burt Florida Citrus Growers
Rickles, Don Glad Plastic Bags
Ripa, Kelly Aquafina Water, Cover Girl Makeup
Roberts, Doris Palmolive Dish Soap
Rodman, Dennis Candies (Liz Claiborne Cosmetic Fragrance)
Rodriguez, Alex Radio Shack
Rooney, Mickey Value Gard (Whole Life Insurance from Garden State Life)
Roosevelt, Eleanor Good Luck Margarine (in 1959)
Ross, Joe E. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Pizza
Russell, Jane Playtex Eighteen Hour® bras and girdles from the 1970s to 1986.


Sales, Soupy Speas Farms Juice
Sanford, Isabel (with Sherman Hemsley) Denny's Restaurant (Campaign Revived "Jeffersons" TV Characters), Old Navy
Schreiber, Avery Doritos Corn Chips
Seinfeld, Jerry American Express ("Superman" spots)
Selleck, Tom AT&T, Chaz Fragrance
Serling, Rod Ziebart ("It's Us. Or Rust")
Seymour, Jane Loving Care Hair Color
Shatner, William Priceline.Com
Sheedy, Ally Chevrolet
Shepherd, Cybill L'Oreal Hair Color
Shields, Brooke Calvin Klein Jeans
Shore, Dinah Chevrolet ("See the USA in a Chevrolet")
Simmons, Richard Carnival Cruises, Sprint
Simpson, Bart Butterfinger Candy Bar
Simpson, Jessica Pizza Hut
Somers, Suzanne Thigh Master, Ace Hardware
Sosa, Sammy Pepsi (with the little curly-haired girl)
Spears, Britney Pepsi
Starr, Ringo Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza
Stewart, Jimmy Campbell Soups
Stiller, Jerry Blue Nun Wine, Glad Plastic Wrap
Struthers, Sally Save the Children Fund
Swayze, John Cameron Timex Watches ("Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin")

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