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Sky Hawks - The focus of the cartoon aviation series SKY HAWKS/ABC/1969-71. Sky Hawks, Inc. was a family-run transport rescue service based at San Marcos Field. The group's leader was widower Mike “Cap” Wilson who learned how to fly as an Air Force Colonel in World War II.

Mike's family and friends included his father, Pappy Wilson, a World War I flying ace (who wears goggles and an old leather aviator jacket), Mike's 17-year-old twins, Steve and Carolyn, and Pappy's two foster kids, 14-year old Baron "Red" Hughes and his 9-year old sister Cynthia, and Mike’s girlfriend, Maggie McNally. Joe Conway was the Sky Hawks' chief mechanic. The Sky Hawk's chief competitor at Marcos Field was the nefarious Buck Devlin.

Voice Credits

Michael Rye as Captain Mike Wilson
Casey Kasem as Steve Wilson
Iris Rainer as Caroline Wilson
Dick Curtis as Pappy Wilson
Joan Gerber as Maggie McNalley
Baron "Red" Hughes as Dick Curtis
Bob Arbogast as Buck Devlin
Casey Kasem as Joe Conway
Melinda Casey as Cynthia 'Mugs' Hughes

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