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Roger Ramjet - Bumbling aviator who uses a Proton Energy pill to battle evil on the cartoon series ROGER RAMJET/SYN/1965.

Robert Ramjet

Roger is assisted by a group of young aviators known as the American Eagle Squadron whose patriotic names included Yank, Doodle, Dan & Dee - a girl). The group receives their orders from General G.I. Brassbottom, Chief of the Army's Counter Bad Guys Division in Washington, DC.

"Roger Ramjet, Internationally famous good guy, devil make care, flying fool and inventor the Ramjet Proton Energy pill when taken as directed by a physician  gives me the strength of 20 atom bombs for twenty seconds, reporting, Sir."

When villainy is afoot, Roger swallows a Proton Energy pill and dispatches evil-doers with visual representations of sounds like BLAM! CRASH, BANG! HURT!

Roger's foes include Red Dog the pirate; Noodles Romanoff (and his evil crime organization N.A.S.T.Y.); Henry Cabbage Patch; Jack the Nipper (who eats ears), Dr. Ivan Evilkisser; and the metallic menace of the Solenoid Robots.

Roger's other colleagues are Lotta Love, his girlfriend; Ma Ramjet, his mother; and Lance Crossfire, Roger's rival in the superhero trade.

Roger Ramjet goes undercover as a restaurant waiter

Announcer: And everyday General Brassbottom came in to make contact with his ace counter spy.
Roger: Ah good day General. The usual?
General: Yes, whatever. Ramjet we'd better crack this case soon. The food here is killing me. Notice anything suspicious today?
Roger: Well, the tuna salad didn't look any too good.
General: I mean have you caught them passing information?
Roger: No, but yesterday I thought I saw one of the waitresses slipping messages in the whole wheat bread.
General: Well, keep an eye on her. Today you might catch her in the rye.

One for all and all for one, the Eagles fly until the job is done!

"Once again the good guys triumph over the bad guys thanks to Roger Ramjet and the American Eagles!"

Theme Song Lyrics

Roger Ramjet and his Eagles
Fighting for our freedom
Fly through and in outer space
Not to join him but to beat him.

Roger Ramjet he's our man
Hero of our nation
For his adventure just be sure
And stay tuned to this station.

Come and join us all you kids
For lots of fun and laughter
As Roger Ramjet and his men
Get all the crooks they're after.

Roger Ramjet he's our man
Hero of our nation
For his adventure just be sure
And stay tuned to this station.


Voice Credits


Gary Owens

as Roger Ramjet 
Dick Beals as Yank & Dan
Joan Gerber as Dee & Lotta Love
Gene Moss as Doodle & Noodles Romanoff
 Bob Arbogast as Gen. G.I. Brassbottom & Ma Ramjet
Paul Shively as Lance Crossfire & Red Dog
Ken Snyder as Solenoid Robot
Dave Ketchum as Announcer

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