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 Alcoholics & Boozers At a Glance

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Character / Actor Occupation Program
Patsy Stone
(Joanna Lumley)
Fashion magazine editor. Patsy is a stuck-in-the-1970s substance-abusing ex-hippie Londoner with a tall, blond hairdo and far too much lipstick. She is the close friend and constant companion of Edina Monsoon. Absolutely Fabulous
(Ab Fab)
Edina "Eddie" Monsoon
Jennifer Saunders)
40-year-old spoiled brat who owns her own PR business. Edina overindulges in smoking, drinking, drugs, shopping, and fads. Edina's daughter Saffron is much more mature and "together" than her mother.  Edina supports her bad habits from the alimony provided by two ex-husbands Absolutely Fabulous
(Ab Fab)
Matt Crower (Jake Weber) Doctor in the Town of Trinity. Matt is a recovering alcoholic who lost his wife and daughter in a car accident in which he was driving drunk. American Gothic
Otis Campbell
(Hal Smith)
Resident town drunk in the town of  Mayberry, North Carolina who frequently locks himself up in the town jail when he wants to sleep off a binge. The Andy Griffith Show
Michael Garibaldi
(Jerry Doyle)
Space Station Security Chief Babylon 5
Judith Webster
(Susanna Thompson)
Wife of Episcopalian Minister (Why does she drink? Well, she has a gay son, a drug-selling daughter, a brother who embezzled the school's $3 million building fund, a shrew of a mother and a mother-in-law with Alzheimer's. Need I say more? The Book of Daniel
Marcia Brady Logan
(Leah Ayers)
Alcoholic wife with two children and a salesman husband whose on the brink of falling of the wagon (then recovers within one episode). The Bradys
Christine Cagney
(Sharon Gless)
Charlie Cagney, her father (Dick O'Neill)
NYPD police detective & her retired policeman father. Alcoholism runs in the family. Cagney & Lacey
Sam Malone
(Ted Danson).
Bartender/Bar owner of local Boston pub called Cheers.  Sam uses the beer bottle cap from the last bottle of beer he drank as a talismans against ever drinking again Cheers
Norm Peterson
(George Wendt)
Portly Accountant. Norm spends all his time drinking beer at Cheers. He'd rather be with his buddies than go home to his wife, Vera (whom he says he loves dearly). When Norm enters the bar, everybody yells "Norm" and then Norm exchanges a short bit of humorous banter with the bartender on duty before downing beer after beer after beer.  Cheers
Colleen McMurphy
(Dana Delany)
Army Nurse Lt. serving during the Vietnam War. Eventually the stress of the war (which she kept bottled up inside of herself) drove her to drink. She became an alcoholic and traveled about the world. She took a long time to find herself. China Beach
Dr. Eddie Fitzgerald
(Robbie Coltrane)
Dr. Eddie "Fitz" Fitzgerald, a brilliant psychologist who uses his talents to "crack" cases for the police. Eddie is also an alcoholic, overweight, and a chain smoker. Cracker
Maryann Thorpe
(Christine Baranski)
Betty Ford Clinic veteran. Maryann is a cynical divorcée. She is living very comfortably off the alimony from her ex-husband. Maryann is frequently seen with some kind of drink in her hand. Cybill
Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) Alcoholic wife of oil baron J.R. Ewing. If you were married to such an evil, conniving, treacherous husband as J.R Ewing, you'd drink too. Dallas
Foster Brooks Comedian Foster Brooks made alcoholism his trademark by creating a lovable but blitzed drunk known as "The Lovable Lush" who stuttered, stammered and belched his way through a conversation. He once explained his "Favorite Hangover Cures" on an installment of the variety program THE BOOK OF LISTS/CBS/1982. His drunk routine was a recurring skit on the comedy variety program THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW/NBC/1965-74.  The Dean Martin Show
Dean Martin His "Showbiz Persona" as one who imbibes the booze. To see Dean without his trademark cigarette or a drink in his hand would be like a day without sunshine.  The Dean Martin Show
Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) Prim and proper suburban houswife who lives on Wisteria Lane in the town of Fairview. She takes to drink after a stressful year culminating with letting her boyfriend die of an overdose after she learned he'd killed her husband. Desperate Housewives
Jinny Exstead
(Nancy McKeon)
Jinny is an alcoholic police detective working in the city of San Francisco. Her condition has endangered her job security on a number of occasions. Her philosophy on life: "In the words of Cyndi Lauper: Girls just want to have fun. What's the point of planning for the future? I want the most out of today!" Jinny has gone to AA but fallen off the wagon  In the spring of 2003, Jinny sat alone on a park bench at night nipping away at bottle of booze wrapped in a brown paper bag. When Jinny came home and tried to hide her breathe by chugging down a can of coke, her new boyfriend Detective Jack Ellis (himself a recovering sober for five years) offered Jinny this advise: "Always carry a spare change of clothing, use an industrial strength mouth wash not the minty stuff and don't take a shower but go to the spa and sweat the alcohol out of your system. Finally, the best advice I can offer you: 'Never marry an alcoholic'." Upon hearing Jack's speech, Jinny swore to him that she'd go back to AA and stop drinking, He simply told her "Don't swear, just show me." The Division
Mrs. Maggie Wick
(Richard Chamberlain)
Nigel Wick's alcoholic mother from London. Her son Nigel also had an addiction to drugs and went to a rehab clinic to dry out. The Drew Carey Show
Laura Kelly
(Mary Page Keller)
Caterer-turned-real estate saleswoman had a tattoo on her left breast that displayed her address. The tattoo enabled her to find her way home, in case she had gone on a drinking binge and forgot where she lived. Duet / Open House
Max Bickford
(Richard Dreyfus)
Widowed, Jewish recovering alcoholic college professor who taught American Studies at Chadwick College for 23 years. Education of Max Bickford
Celia Mallory Warren
(Susan Dey)
Alcoholic wife of military lawyer Jack Warren and daughter to Admiral Thomas Mallory, a widowed military man. Emerald Point N.A.S.
Dr. Doug Ross
(George Clooney)
Emergency Room physician at Chicago's Cook County Hospital.  When asked how he handles stress Doug says "Usually I drink, but I'm not a very good role model.'' After he woke up next to a nameless one-night-stand who was dying from a coke-induced seizure, Doug began to clean up his act. Doug's father was an alcoholic, irresponsible, womanizer who was never there or him. ER
Abby Wyczenski Lockhart
(Maura Tierney)
Divorced, alcoholic, insecure Emergency Room Nurse at Chicago's Cook County Hospital. She later became a doctor but still struggled with her addiction with the help of her AA sponsor. ER
Annette Daly
(Rebecca Smith)
Annette is a solicitor for the firm of Ashton & Daly in the  suburban Carrigstown, in the Northside of Dublin, Ireland. She is a recovering alcoholic and hasn't had a drink for over three years. Fair City
Father Jack Hackett
(Frank Kelly)
Catholic Priest living with other priests on Craggy Island. When not asleep in his chair he is usually shouting abuses, screaming for a drink or just screaming." Father Ted
Andrew Covington
(John Ritter)
Ben's Covington's troubled, alcoholic father Felicity
Fun Bobby
(Vincent Ventresca)
Alcoholic boyfriend of Monica Geller. Bobby was the life of the party until everyone realized he was only funny when he was drunk. When Bobby stopped drinking, he turned into a bore and nobody wanted to be around him anymore. He was so boring that Monica started drinking to handle being with him. Eventually, Bobby dumped Monica because he felt her drinking was compromising his sobriety. Friends
Bender Bending Rodriguez
(Voice of John DiMaggio)
Wise-cracking, alcoholic robot (Bending Unit 22)  who used to "Bend" Iron bars. One the first episode Bender was depressed and tried to kill himself in a suicide booth but after meeting Fry, a pizza delivery boy from the year 2000, he became his friend. Bender's favorite drink is beer and Olde Fortran malt liquor. When asked  "Do robots get frisky when they've had a few drinks? Bender replied "Who doesn't get frisky when under the spell of liquor's magic? Heavy drinking doesn't bother Bender but magnets mess up his inhibition unit causing him to folk sing.
Claire Silver
(Suzanne Pleshette)
Gambling, bourbon-swilling, foul-mouthed grandmother of TV producer, Jake Silver Good Morning Miami
Gavin Stone Self-important morning show host of "Good Morning, Miami." Good Morning Miami
Gus Borden Ex-Cop Get a Life
Grace Kelly Housewife/Oil Refinery Worker Grace Under Fire
Charlie Doyle
(Johnny Vegas)
Alcoholic friend of Danny Spencer, a middle-aged semi-celebrity who is the voice of a popular cartoon bear Happiness
Captain Frank Furillo
(Daniel J. Travanti)
Police Captain Hill Street Blues
John "J.D." La Rue
(Kiel Martin)
Alcoholic Police partner of Neal Washington Hill Street Blues
Chief Inspector Morse
(John Thaw)
Dour, self indulgent alcoholic police detective from Thames Valley CID in Oxford, UK Inspector Morse
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