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Coneheads - Disguised as a middle-class New York family living at 213 Pineway Avenue in suburban Parkwood Heights, the Coneheads were in reality pointy-headed outer space aliens from the planet Remulak.

Connie, Beldar, Prymaat - THE CONEHEADS

The Coneheads consisted of two parental units, Beldar (Dan Aykroyd) and Prymaat (Jane Curtin) and a teenage unit named Connie, a.k.a. "Conjaab" (Laraine Newman).

Originally, Beldar & Prymaat were dispatched to the planet Earth by Remulak's High Master to seize all major centers of radio and television communications and inform the earthlings of their intent to take over the planet. Beldar was to read a speech which began: "People of Earth, I am the Timekeeper from the planet Remulak, your weapons are useless..."

Unfortunately, Beldar lost the rest of the speech with all the instructions including dates, places, and orders to the United Nations. He also accidentally crash-landed their anti-gravity powered space ship into Lake Michigan.

Trapped on Earth, because their planet had just cut back on funding to their space program, they adopted the guise of Fred & Joyce Conehead. Beldar supported his family be taking a job as an insurance salesman and later as a driving instructor.

Their daughter Connie, who knew her parents were a bit different, never suspected that they were from outer space. She had a hard time in school with inquisitive kids, however. "They want to know where I come from, Daddy? Where do we come from?" She was instructed "France! Just keep telling them you come from France!" Her parents finally informed her of the family's Remulakan ancestry when she was a teenager. Conehead Beldar's real name is Beldar Clorhone. His parental units were Dreldkon and Jronda.

The Coneheads , who referred to humans as "Blunt Skulls", adopted earthly customs but went over board in their enthusiasm. Their favorite meal consisted of six packs of beer, potato chips and shredded raw animal flesh, of which they consumed "mass quantities."

Sexual foreplay for Remulakan's was accomplished with the help of large plastic rings covered with fur. They would toss the rings onto each other's Coneheads. Each sighed with pleasure when a ring hit its mark.

As to their home world, the planet Remulak is a binary system in a galaxy within the Cone Nebula some twenty-six light years from the Earth. The planet is arid and covered with volcanic plains. It has seven moons and two suns that revolve around a black hole in the Cone Nebula. In their normal environment, the Coneheads breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.

Vertexo is the capital city of Remulak. The planet is ruled by politicians called Vulglerion, a sect of super-intelligent priests with mushroom shaped cones who possess the abilities of telepathy and telekinesis.

The planet's major employer is Butuminous Protoid, a global conglomerate, controlled by The Cone Council of Ten and two Ephors (Assistants to the High Master).

Beldar & Family returned to their home planet on 3/23/77 in an episode entitled "Return to Remulak." They used the New York Chrysler Building as their return spacecraft, not forgetting to bring back samples of Earth's culture (six packs of beer).

TRIVIA NOTE: The inspiration for the Coneheads came from a proposal by comedian Dan Aykroyd about pin-headed lawyers. This idea was shot down by the producers, fearing it might be offensive. A later trip to the Easter Islands in the South Pacific and the haunting images of stone head monoliths inspired Aykroyd to pen the series drawings that evolved into the Coneheads.

The first of eleven Conehead sketches debuted on January 15, 1977. Buck Henry & Dan Aykroyd earlier starred in a 10/19/76 sketch called "Dates from Outer Space" in which cone-headed aliens dressed in tight-fitting silver wetsuits landed on Earth and picked up some teenage girls. Buck Henry's name in the sketch was Crealon.

In the movie adaptation Coneheads (1993), Dan Aykroyd reprised the role of Beldar Singh Conehead who lives at 107 N. Oak Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07304. Ten years earlier in 1983, the Conehead characters appeared in the Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr. animated 30-minute TV special that featured the voices of the original SNL cast.

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