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Ovians - Five-foot tall ant creature from the planet Carillon featured on the sci-fi series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/ABC/1978-80. Ruled by Queen Lotay, these four-armed creatures, allies of the Cylon empire, mined Tylium ore deep beneath the surface of the planet. In an attempt to lure humans to their planet (to eat them), these ugly aliens built a pleasure resort on the surface of their world, complete with gambling casinos, wine, women and music. Discretely, these carnivorous creatures killed the humans who came to the resort and stored their flesh in huge underground coffins, much like a bee stores its honey.

The pleasure resort and the kingdom of ants was destroyed during an apocalyptic battle between the humans from the Battlestar Galactic and the treacherous Cylon robot warriors. Sparks from the battle ignited the subterranean tunnels filled with Tylium ore (a petroleum based mineral) and blew the planet of Carillon into a million pieces.

The Ovians were one of the many alien races to appear on the sci-fi series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/ABC/1978-80. See also - ROBOTS: "Cylons"

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