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Iotian Mobsters - Krako, Oxmyx, TepoIotians - Humanoid species from the planet Sigma Iotia II on episode No. 49 "A Piece of the Action" of the sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69. When the crew of the starship USS Horizon visit the planet Sigma Iotia II in the year 2168, they accidentally leave behind a copy of a book entitled "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties" (published on Earth in 1992).

Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the planet use the information in the book to pattern their society around mob bosses.

One hundred years later, the crew of starship USS Enterprise return to the planet and discover the cultural contamination caused by the text now revered as "The Book."

In an effort to rectify the book's influence on the Iotians, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) played their game, acted like a mobster himself, and used the fire power of the starship to intimidate the planet's mob bosses into changing their society into a more ethical one.

Spock and Kirk with machine guns
Spock & Kirk Figure the Odds

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