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Klingons - Warrior race of aliens featured on the science fiction series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69.

Klingon Commander Kor
Klingon Commander Kor

The Klingons, who lived on the home world of Qo'noS, were much like outer space Viking barbarians. Their culture was always at odds with the Federation and never seemed to respect boundaries or peace treaties. There mentality was simple: "Laws were made to be broken." Inhabiting a planetary system of limited resources, the Klingons traveled throughout the galaxy looking for anything that wasn't hammered down.

Physically, the Klingons were ugly humanoids with heavy bifurcated eyebrows, and a button-tipped spine that ran the length of their back and over their head. The Klingons premiered on episode No. 27 "Errand of Mercy" written by Gene Coon and has since been featured in the series of STAR TREK spin-offs.

WorfIn 1987 the series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/SYN/1987-94 (based 85 years in the future 24th century), the Klingons were portrayed as a much more peaceful group of aliens who had joined the Federation. Serving on-board the newly commissioned USS Enterprise-D was a towering, anti-social Klingon warrior, Lt. J.G. Worf (Michael Dorn) responsible for environment and propulsion science sections and later Security.

Raised by humans, (supposedly his family killed by Romulans) Worf was unfamiliar with many facets of his Klingon heritage. He often struggled to keep his savage side in check when working with his fellow crew members. When Worf went to battle he said "It's a good day to die".

Later in the series, Worf (son of Mogh) discovered that his parents were actually killed by the treachery of members of the Klingon High Council. He also discovered he had a brother named Kurn. (Tony Todd) Together they challenged the council to make the truth known. However, the fact that the truth of his parents death could cause political upheaval, Worf decided to become an exile from his home world, accepting disgrace ("Discommendation") rather than upset the stability of his planet.

Worf's former mate K'Ehleyr (Suzie Plakson) who refused the traditional subservience of a Klingon bonding, bore Worf a son named Alexander (Brian Bonsall) whom later in his life followed the path of peace rather than that of the warrior (in one timeline).

K'Ehleyr was killed by Klingons who attempted to keep secret the truth relating to Worf's family disgrace. Worf avenged her death and gave his young son to his human foster parents to raise while he continued to serve onboard the starship Enterprise.

At the end of the 1991 season, Worf resigned his commission with the Federation to take up arms against renegade factions who threatened the Klingon empire. After the controversy wherein he regained status as a loyal Klingon, he returned to serve on the starship USS Enterprise.

On episode No. 116 "Ethics" the Klingon physiological trait known as "brak'lul" was discussed. The term referred to the redundancy features of the Klingon anatomy (23 ribs, 2 livers, 8 chambered hearts) where almost every function in their body was duplicated in case any primary organ or system failed.

TRIVIA NOTE: For those interested in this alien culture, Marc Okrand's authoritative English-Klingon/Klingon-English Dictionary (Pocket Books, 1990) can provide additional information. Example: The Klingon's equivalent to our "Hello" is "N'uk, N'ek" which loosely translated means "What do you want?" See also - "Jadzia Dax" and DEATH - MISCELLANEOUS: "Klingons" and CEREMONIES & CELEBRATIONS - "Age of Ascension"

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