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Mearth - Earth offspring of Mork, a zany alien on the science fiction comedy MORK & MINDY/ABC/1978-82.

Jonathan Winters as Mearth - MORK & MINDY

In the fall of 1981 Mork and Mindy married and honeymooned on the planet Ork. Soon, Mork gave birth (Yes, Mork!). A small egg popped from his navel, grew, and cracked open. On Ork everything was the reverse from Earth. A child was born fully grown and lived their life continually shrinking in size. As they turned into a baby, they died.

When Mork & Mindy's baby (Jonathan Winters) hatched from his egg, he was 6-feet tall, had the body of a 50-year-old (with three hearts), weighed a hefty 225 pounds and wore a size 42 pampers. They called him Mearth, the name being a combination of Mork, Mindy and Earth.

Mork, Mindy & Mearth

When Mearth first spoke, he called Mork "Mommy" and his mother, Mindy, "Shoe." When it was time for bed Mork, Mindy and Mearth wore the same kind of sleepwear-pajamas with dark vertical pink strips.

TRIVIA NOTE: Jonathan Winters appeared in an earlier episode of this series in the role of Dave McConnell, the overbearing brother of Mindy's father. See also - "Mork

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