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M'RessM'Ress - Feline communications officer on the animated sci-fi spin-off series STAR TREK:THE ANIMATED SERIES/NBC/1973-75. M'Ress  (pronounced:  Mmm-ress) is a human-sized bipedal female cat with a thick orange mane, long tail, large amber eyes and a soft purring voice (Majel Barrett). An inhabitant of the planet Cait in the Lynx Constellation, M'Ress joined the crew of the USS Enterprise in the year 2269. Her previous assignment was aboard the USS Hood.

M'Ress's interests are galactic history, anthropology and free-form poetry. He character  debuted on episode  "The Survivor." and later appeared in  "Once Upon a Planet", "Mudd's Passion", "The Eye of the Beholder", "Bem" and "Practical Joker."

On "Mudd's Passion," a love potion accidentally infiltrated the ship's ventilation system and M'Ress and Lt. Montgomery Scott became romantic partners while under the potion's influence.  

M'Ress: Scotty, you're absolutely purrrrrfect.
Scotty: Wow, you sure are coming on to me. And with a dumb line, no less.
M'Ress: You know what they say, "While the Captain's away, the cat will play."
Scotty: Make that two dumb lines.

M'Ress later joined the crew of the USS Trident (in the "Star Trek: New Frontier" novels published in 1997 by Pocket Books). Her character had earlier appeared in the 1984 DC Comics, Star Trek #37 and subsequent issues (39, 40, 46-53, 55).

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