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Enik the SleestakEnik -  Intelligent, peaceful reptilian creature featured on the sci-fi adventure THE LAND OF THE LOST/NBC/1974-77. Enik fell through a time warp portal into a prehistoric landscape which he discovered was his own future (a future where fellow race of Sleestaks have turned into bow-and-arrow wielding primitives). With the realization that some past event would revert his people to savagery, he spent his days trying to get back to his own time and warn his race of their impending destiny. When the savage Sleestaks spoke, they hissed and slobbered.

Sharing this environment was a monkey like people called the Palcus and a group of humans, the Marshall family who entered this land of the lost when they were boating along the Colorado River and fell over a waterfall that was actually a time portal into a prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs and strange aliens. Occasionally, Enik helped the humans who shared his world.

Savage Sleestaks
Savage Sleestaks with Weapons

The Saturday morning videotaped series LAND OF THE LOST was created by the puppeteers Sid & Marty Krofft. The voice of Enik was performed by Walter Edmiston. The series was later revived on ABC in 1991 with Timothy Bottoms as the father of two children trapped in a prehistoric land. A movie spin-off "Land of the Lost is scheduled to hit theaters in 2007.

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