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StarChildStar Child - Elizabeth Maxwell (Jenny Beck), the by-product of a reptilian father and a human mother, was the recipient of strange telekinetic powers which she used to battle alien invaders on the sci-fi series "V" & "V": THE FINAL BATTLE/NBC/1983-85. One day while Earth was minding its own business, aliens from a distant galaxy descended on the planet in huge hovering spacecrafts. In a gesture of kindness, the "Visitors" extended friendly greetings and requested help from the Earth's people. In a fair exchange for some of Earth's abundant minerals, the aliens promised to share their wealth of scientific knowledge which would help end disease and strife on Earth.

Slowly, their ships unloaded supplies and personnel onto the planets surface. A clever public relations campaign worked hard to depict the "Visitors" as our friends. Robin Maxwell (Blair Tefkin) fell in love with one of these humanoid aliens, but soon discovered she was pregnant and that her love affair had been a sham.

The space aliens (actually reptilian bipeds disguised in a human veneer with an ultimate plan of harvesting Earth's population as a food source) planned the whole romance as an experiment to see if human and reptiles were compatible for breeding.

Robin's Reptilan TwinThe product of this relationship was a sweet young girl named Elizabeth, one of two children delivered at birth. The other baby, a repulsive lizard child soon died. Elizabeth later discovered she had unearthly telekinetic powers. The "Visitors" seeking to exploit her abilities, began an extensive search of the planet for this "Star Child."

The reptiles were partially contained by the development of a red bacteria dust which suffocated the aliens. Meanwhile, Elizabeth went through a dramatic transformation. Taking shelter in a cave, her body excreted a cocoon shell and deep within she began to grow and change. Within a matter of days, her juvenile form transmuted into a full-grown teenager (Jennifer Cooke). Her powers held the key to the ultimate defeat of the reptilian visitors. Elizabeth bore the mark of Zon on her hand.

TRIVIA NOTE: A similar cocoon metamorphosis occurred on episode "Chrysalis" on the sci-fi series BABYLON 5/SYN/1994-98 when Minbari ambassador Delenn (Mira Furlan) transformed into a hybrid creature - both human and Minbari. See also - "V"

StarChild Elizabeth at 18
Star Child exhibits  unearthly powers Elizabeth grown to an 18 year old girl

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