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Starman & His Son ScottStarman - Alien from a distant galaxy who returned to earth to find his son on the sci-fi drama STARMAN/ABC/1986-87. The series is based on John Carpenter's sci-fi film Starman (1984) starring Jeff Bridges about an alien from outer space who had a brief romantic encounter with a Wisconsin widow (Karen Allen).

After his spacecraft crashed, Starman's energy form discovered the remote home of a woman whose husband had recently died. Using his strange powers, he cloned a duplicate of the deceased spouse from the genetic DNA molecular blue-print he found in bits of human hair placed in a scrap book.

Shocked and disbelieving, the widow slowly began to realize that the cloned look-alike was not her husband but an alien. However, attracted to his form, she eventually aided him in reaching a rescue spacecraft in the Arizona desert.

All the way across the country, the two were pursued by special government agents who thought the alien's presence on Earth was a threat to national security. Before leaving Earth, the alien impregnated the widow with a child (she was barren).

The 1986 ABC television series STARMAN continued the outer space tale 14 years later when "Starman" (played by Robert Hays), a celestial map maker from the galactic coordinates Latitude 57.60/Longitude 30.61 sensed a call for help through the vastness of space and returned to Earth to find he had a half-human/half alien teenage son named Scott Hayden (C. S. Barnes), now an orphan.

Scott's foster parent's were killed when their car crashed over a cliff. Scott, however, was saved by a mysterious blue energy force which emanated from a golf ball-size silver sphere given by Starman to his mother (Jenny) on his first visit to Earth.

To blend into the Earth's society once again Starman assumed human form, reproducing a duplicate of photo-journalist, Paul Edward Forrester whose was killed in a helicopter crash while on assignment photographing volcanic eruptions (presumably Mt. St. Helens) near Seattle, Washington. Starman cloned the body from drops of blood left in the snow at the wreckage site.

Eventually, both Scott and Starman met and began to search for Jenny Hayden (Erin Gray), the Wisconsin widow who had bore Scott and had befriended Starman years earlier.

Along the way Starman had to come to grips with the peculiarities of human emotion and earthly customs (his favorite food was Dutch apple pie) as well as keeping one step ahead of the relentless special government agent George Fox (Mike Cavanaugh) from the Federal Security Agency who pursued the alien..."the creature," as he called him.

Remnants of Starman's spacecraft (the same unearthly material in the silver spheres) were stored in "Building 11," a high security US military installation located in the desert of New Mexico. The spacecraft was coded specimen 617W.

Scott and his "Starman" father later found Jenny living in Seguaro, New Mexico under the assumed name of Karen Isley. She had become an emotional recluse after giving her son up for adoption. To support herself financially, Jenny had earned money by painting Starscapes which contained the configuration of Starman's galaxy.

Scott and Starman
Scott and Starman

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