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TholiansTholians - Crystalline creatures with red eyes who spun an energy web around a Federation starship on the sci-fi series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69. Coming to the aid of a fellow starship, the USS Enterprise crossed over the space borders of the Tholian Empire. The Tholians, however, considered this mission of mercy an invasion. While the Enterprise engines were disabled, diamond-shaped spacecrafts began to surround their ship with deadly threads of energy. Once their energy web was fully woven, the starship would be destroyed. Discovering a way out, the Enterprise slipped through a time space warp to freedom. The Tholians were featured on the episode No. 64 "The Tholian Web."   The Tholian characters resurfaced on the spinoff series DEEP SPACE NINE and ENTERPRISE.

USS Enterprise trapped in energy web

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