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Jeffrey Jones as Walter KelloggWalter Kellogg - Jeffrey Jones starred as Walter Kellogg, a widower with two children who made his living drawing a "FarSide" style comic strip called "The People Next Door" on the sitcom THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR/CBS/1989. Gifted with a strange psychic ability, he tried to explain his gift to fiancée, Abigail McIntyre (Mary Gross) saying "I can make things appear or come to life just by imaging them." One of the characters from his fantasy world was Mr. Id, a lecherous little man in a trench coat who popped out of the woodworks when Walter was having lustful thoughts. Needless to say, his house was continually filled with all sorts of weird creatures and personalities, including Steve Allen playing piano in the middle of his living room.

TRIVIA NOTE: Jones appeared in such films as Amadeus, The Hunt for Red October, Ed Wood, Beetlejuice and The Crucible. He is perhaps best known for his role as Ed Rooney the smarmy Dean of Students in the 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986).

In November 2002, Jones was accused of hiring a 14-year-old boy to pose for sexually explicit photographs. He was eventually charged with one felony count of employing a minor for purposes of taking sexually explicit photos and released on $20,000 bail. After pleading no contest in July of 2003, he was placed on a sex offender register, given five years probation and ordered to undergo counseling.

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