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Bob Newhart as Bob McKayBob McKay - On the sitcom BOB/CBS/1992-93, Bob Newhart starred as Bob McKay, a former greeting card designer asked to resurrect his 1950s comic book superhero character "Mad Dog" about Dr. Jeffrey Austin, a mild mannered veterinarian infused with the adrenal glands of a Doberman pinscher. Bob's creative team included fellow workers Ruth Kobart as animator Iris Frankel; Timothy Fall as inker Chad Pfefferle; Andrew Bilgore as office aide Albie Lutz; Cynthia Stevenson as colorist Patricia McKay (Bob's daughter) and John Cygan as story writer Harlan Stone. Ace Comics was run by Mr. TerHorst (Voice of Michael Cumpsty), an unseen business Tycoon with a phobia for privacy.

Later in the series, Bob was fired (Ace Comics was sold) and so he returned to a work as president of Schmitt Greeting Card Company. Betty White appeared as his boss, Sylvia Schmitt. See also - DOGS: "Mad Dog" 

Logo for 'Bob' Series starring Bob Newhart as Bob McKay
Series Title Credit for "Bob"

TRIVIA NOTE: Marvel Comics published a short-lived licensed Mad-Dog comic book series. The comic was a flip-book. Side 1 featured a 90s version of the Mad Dog Character  while the flip side portrayed the adventures of Golden Age version as done by Bob McKay. Click here to see one of the comic covers.

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