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Talon - Comic book character featured on the sitcom MAD ABOUT YOU/NBC/1992-99. The premiere issue of Mega Void No. 1 "Talon Emerges From Her Crib" debuted a blond-haired super vixen named Talon, the Evil Queen of the Universe, who could crush a planet between her thighs.

The idea for Talon was apparently inspired by a former relationship between Jamie Buchman (Helen Hunt) and her artist ex-boyfriend Alan Tofsky (Eric Stoltz).

When Jamie saw the Mega Void issue and that she was a dead ringer for the evil tyrant, she became infuriated and confronted its creator at a comic book store signing party.

"This whole comic is our relationship but in outer space," Jamie screamed. "Turn to page 14 - The Centurion General forgets to fetch Talon's scepter and she peels back the layers of his brain." (the time he forgot to make reservations); "Talon sucks the life force from his soul" (The time she took a sip of his orange juice at some diner); "Destroys the planet Cardigan" (she accidentally burnt a little hole in his sweater).

Jamie claimed that his problem was that he always had to get in the last word. When Jamie tried to say Good-Bye, Allen made some little remark that gave him the last word. Frustrated, Jamie dove over the table to pummel him.

In a final cartoon fantasy scene, Allen says, "Face it baby, you got a nasty streak" and Jamie as Talon tosses him into the blazing white-hot fury of the nearby star. 

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