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Painting of JJ's Family - Good TimesJJ's Ghetto Paintings- Oil Paintings created by a skinny, black ghetto teenager and aspiring artist (Jimmy Walker) on the sitcom GOOD TIMES/CBS/1974-79. "J.J." lives with his family in Apartment 17-C at the Cabrini Green Housing Project, a high-rise tenement on the South side of Chicago, Illinois (Phone: 555-8264). He shares his home with his father, James Evans, his mother, Florida Evans, his older sister Thelma,  ands his younger brother, Michael.  Their neighbor across the halls is Winona Woods. Nathan Buchman (a.k.a. "Buffalo Butt") is the building superintendent.

 JJ's catchphrase is "Dy-No-Mite!"  He uses the phrase to describe himself, as well as situations. The phrase was first heard on the second episode when J.J. had a run in with the police and said "They knew they were in trouble once they realized they were dealing with Kid ...DY-NO-MITE!"

The paintings seen on the series, however, were actually painted by artist Ernie Barnes, a former AFL offensive guard whose street and sports influenced canvases have been displayed from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles. 

Jimmy Walker as JJ 'Dynomite!' Evans - GOOD TIMES
James "JJ" Evans, Jr.

Episode Show's dealing with JJ's Paintings

No. 2

"Black Jesus"  - JJ paints a portrait of Black Jesus (that resembles Ned the Wino) and soon a lucky streak hits the Evans family, but mother Florida Evans refuses to believe their good luck comes from the painting.
No. 13 "My Son the Lover" - A girl at school wants JJ to paint her picture and he mistakenly thinks her request means she's interested in him.
No. 29 "The Nude" - JJ is hired to paint the portrait of a nude woman (for her husband) - in the Evans apartment. Not surprisingly, his mother, Florida objects, and the painting ends up being done in a bathing suit.
No 49 "The Mural" - JJ is commissioned to paint a mural for a bank, but unsatisfied with the final mural,  they refuse to pay his $250 fee - money he needs to pay for Selma's college tuition.
No. 56 "Sweet Daddy Williams" - In exchange for his own art show display, JJ agrees to paint the girlfriend of local hood.
No. 64 "JJ & the Older Woman" - An older woman admires JJ's talent as a painter and soon pursues him romantically.
No. 131 "The Art Contest" - JJ forgets his own painting entry for a local competition and enlists the aide of Bookman to retrieve it for him. But Bookman takes the wrong painting and submits it as JJ's - who then wins the award.
No. 133 "The End of the Rainbow" - JJ gets offered a job with a comic company as a graphics illustrator.

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