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Click to Enlarge - Captain Gregg's PortraitCaptain Gregg's Portrait - The oil painting of Captain Daniel Gregg (Edward Mulhare) seen on the supernatural sitcom THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR/NBC/ABC/1968-70. The portrait resides inside Gull cottage, a quaint seaside abode on the coast of Maine at Schooner Bay. The subject of the painting is Captain Gregg  an irascible but charming 39-year-old sea captain and veteran of the Battle of Vera Cruz.

One night in November 13, 1869, Daniel accidentally kicked over a gas heater by his bedside and expired. His spirit now haunts Gull Cottage. Before Daniel unexpectedly died, he planned on turning Gull Cottage home into a home for retired seamen.

In 1968, Claymore Gregg, the current owner and Daniel’s only living relative rented the cottage to an attractive widow named Carolyn Muir, her children Jonathan and Candace, their wired-haired terrier, Scruffy and a housekeeper named Martha. Captain Gregg resented his guests at first but eventually warmed to the intruders. See also "Mrs. Carolyn Muir"

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