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Batman - TV Guide CoverBatman Graphics - On the fantasy action adventure series BATMAN/ABC/1966-68,  crimefighter Batman (Adam West) and his sidekick, Robin (Burt Ward) battled a bevy of kooky and colorful villains as they committed crimes in Gotham City. During each fight scene, visual representations of the sounds being made as crimefighter pummeled villains (and visa versa) filled the screen. The graphics were a comic book carry-over and made the violence on the program authentic to its comic book origins.

The graphics also masked the fact that the fight scenes were terribly choreographed, with many of the punches never landing on the body of the intended victims. Some common phrases used on the show: BAM! BLAM! CRASH! POP! POW!, SPLATT! KAPOW! ZLOP!, ZLORP!

Scene from Batman: The Movie (1966)

TRIVIA NOTE:  Initially, the title shots like POW! were placed over a scene so you could see both the actors and graphic, but because it cost too much money to create these title pages (combination of camera work and artwork), it was decided that just the POW!, for example, would fill the screen, thus saving on the budget.

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