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 TV Character Tattoos at a Glance
Tattoos or Body Markings Person Program
"Petunia" - Pinup tattoo of a female (on Little Pete's right forearm) that wiggles/dances when he flexes his muscles. Little Pete Wrigley Adventures of Pete & Pete
Pegasus the winged horse
(on his right back shoulder)
Rio Arnett  Air America
113 cryptic tattoos all over body Ezekiel Stone Brimstone
Bird of prey on his right shoulder Angel the Vampire Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bulldog on Shoulder Emma LeRoy, Brent's Mom Corner Gas
Has a tattoo but won't tell where. He did admit that when he get's on all fours, he can make it dance. Oscar LeRoy, Brent's Dad Corner Gas
Freckle pattern of the Liberty Bell  Rob Petrie  Dick Van Dyke Show
Skeleton riding a motorcycle (only "drawn" on upper right arm - Lewis is afraid of real tattoos) Lewis Kiniski Drew Carey Show
The word "Gus" (on butt) Sheila, Denise's sister  Family Album
"Steve Wilson" (name of Roz's old boyfriend) Roz Doyle Frasier  
Tiny red heart (on left hip) Rachel Green Friends
Blue freckle (aborted tattoo job)  Phoebe Buffay   Friends
Tiny Jalapeño Pepper (on ass) Janine Barber Hidden Hills
Tiny Flower (on ass) Pam Hidden Hills
Letter inside circle Watchers (Joe Dawson) Highlander: The Series
Dragon & Tiger (branded on arms) Kwai Chang Caine Kung Fu
Abe Lincoln-shaped birthmark Squiggy Squiggman Laverne & Shirley
Tiny Heart (on butt)  Jamie Buchman Mad About You
The words "I Love Mary" (later "Marty") The butt tattoo should read: "Marcy," the name of his wife. Jefferson Darcy Married with Children
The words "I Love Dwayne"
(on ass)
Dixie Randazzo My Sister Sam
Sea Horse (on thigh) Joanna Loudon    Newhart
Black Butterfly (on hip) Special Agent Caitlin NCIS
Flaming arrow (on left chest) Chris Stevens  Northern Exposure
Mole on Left Wrist Number Six The Prisoner
Phrase "Death & Taxes"
(on back)
Chris Prufrock Push, Nevada
Dragon (on left rear shoulder) Jonathan Raven Raven
Two hammers birthmark (on butt)  Homer Simpson The Simpsons
Cow skull birthmark (on chest)  Krusty the Klown  The Simpsons  
Cap'n Crunch (on butt)  Janeane Percy-Parker Single Guy
Kitten (on butt -it has stretched over the years and now looks like a tiger) Lisa Landry Sister, Sister
Lightning Bolt (on right breast) Alexandra Reed  Sisters
Phrase "Ace of Base" (on ass) Charlie Crawford Spin City
Triangular design (on forehead)  Chakotay  Star Trek: Voyager
The word "Wolfie" (On butt)
Wolfgang "Wolfie" Reinhart was a  foreign exchange student
 Carol dated in college
Carol Foster Step By Step
Woodstock, the yellow bird from the Charlie Brown comic strip (on his butt) Eric Forman That 70s Show
Heart with words "The Love Butt" (on butt) Jack Tripper Three's Company
"Berg" (on her ass) Nicole, Berg's ex-lover Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza
Tiger Face (Covers Entire Back) Irene, Berg's Girlfriend Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza
Barbed-wire tattoo (on upper arm) Valerie Irons VIP
"Celtic  Ouroboros" - tail-eating snake  symbolizing life & death (on her back) Dana Scully X-Files  
"Semper Fi" (Marine Corps Insignia on his left arm) FBI Agent John Doggett X-Files
Tiny Rose (on her ass)  Ellie Riggs Watching Ellie  
Bloody Skull with Knife through Eye (One of four tattoos) Lauren What I Like About You
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