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Teal'cTeal'c - On the sci-fi adventure STARGATE SG-1/SHO/SCI/19997+ Christopher Judge played Teal'c, an alien being from the planet Chulak who sports a tattoo in the middle of his forehead. The forehead emblem is a gold infused tattoo of the symbol of Apophis. It was created by having Teal'c's skin cut with an Orak knife and then pouring molten gold into the wound. Teal'c earned this right after he rose through the ranks and became the First Prime, the leader of the elite Serpent Guards who protect Aphosis, a self-proclaimed God.

When Teal'c realized Apophis and his fellow beings were false Gods, he conspired against Apophis and late joined forces with planet Earth and the members of Stargate-SG-1 team to defeat Aphosis and his minions. 

Only the First Prime bears the gold color. All other jaffa (Goa'uld slaves) have a black tattoo on their forehead which bears the symbol of their respective Goa'uld leaders.  Some military jaffa wear silver tattoos. If a jaffa's allegiance changes to a different Goa'uld, his tattoo marking will be changed to reflect his new master's symbol.

Goa'uld Tattoo  
Teal'c Gold Tattoo

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